'Yes, But What's INSIDE It?'

An Exhibition of Multi-Media Art Works by Maura Ryan

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From Tuesday 12th May to Sunday 24th May 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of work by artist Maura Ryan. Maura is originally from Dublin and has been living in Bray for 8 years. She has studied various artistic forms during the past 20 years both in Ireland and abroad. She has also studied Person-Centered Art Therapy in Sussex and Art Therapy in Crawford College Cork. She has been teaching art, sketching and ceramics for 3 years to various groups in the Community. In Kilkenny she gave a Batik Workshop and also has done commissions in Batik.

'Yes, but what's INSIDE it?' refers to a question Maura asked repeatedly as a child. Her enquiring mind has taken her on a lifelong search and journey to explore both her inner world and the outer landscape and the connections therin. Her love of and deep connection with the earth and organic forms have always led her to poetic and artistic explorations and expressions.

She gets a strong sense of something 'other' than what is seen with the physical eye, and study and meditations in natural places lead to deeper listening, insights and a wider awareness of the interconnectedness of the whole of life – the microcosm and macrocosm in all living things.

A need for closer investigation reveals treasures and revelations previously hidden from her 'view', sometimes bringing new enquiry and understanding. There is a strong need or desire to reach into the essence. To invite the viewer to question what it is they see in her images, provoking memories and emotions perhaps.

There is also the importance of sharing the journey and having people witness the visual and artistic stories.

Opening Reception: Thursday 14th May 7-9pm