‘Nonetheless Here’

by Markus Davies



From Monday 20th November to Sunday 3rd December

Artist Markus Davies will be showing, his latest series of paintings, for the first time in his hometown of Bray with the support of the Signal Art Gallery.

O’Laoghaire’s first exhibition is a subjective contemplation of the idea of coming of age, though he was not fully conscious at the time of what was being articulated. Only later, when he returned home and started his final year in school, did he recognize a mood of apprehension, even alienation in the pictures – the feeling of having been separated from past routines, aware of those new ones about to emerge. That time away was fraught with a growing sense of responsibility for his future and by envisaging himself as a separate individual, yet still caught up within the working of the world.

In the past Markus has collaborated with Irish and international Artists in the aim to raise awareness of disused spaces within our towns and cities. He’s currently planning a new project in London, which will see him collaborating with UK based artists trying to create a dialogue between Artists across different disciplines, with similar interests and influences in relation to the urban environment.

'Nonetheless Here' inaugurates elements of Architecture and encounters the spaces, places and structures that surround us in day to day life.

The paintings are typically generated in response of the Artist own personal experience of the build environment we live in. Questioning how he perceives these spatial experiences and what he senses and feels while encountering these places.

Each painting oversteps the boundaries between art and everyday space, exploring tangible elements, unforeseen spatial configuration and ever changing conditions of our surroundings. Markus is constantly analyzing images of the build environment trying to confront the blandness of these commodified urban spaces through the medium of paint and a format of human reflection.


For more information please visit www.markusdavies.com.com

Or contact Markus direct via email: markusdaviesinfo@.gmail.com

Opening Reception: Friday 24th November 7 - 9 pm