'Home Sweet Home'

Installation and Workshop by Piia Rossi

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From Tuesday 26th May to Sunday 7th June 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this installation and workshop by artist Piia Rossi. Piia is a printmaker and an installation artist originally from Finland. Having moved to Dublin in 1992 to study at NCAD, she has been teaching visual for ten years and has designed and run art workshops for numerous organisations. She currently works as a printmaker in the Black Church Print Studios, Dublin. Piia has held two solo exhibitions and her work has featured at numerous exhibitions in Ireland and abroad. Her work also appears in many corporate and private art collections.

Piia's art communicates issues such as belonging, identity and nationality, she is interested in our desire for a personal territory. Her work frequently addresses the subject matter of 'home' and she combines her delicate drawings to portray her subject matter with time-based participatory installations.

The theme for the installation in Signal Arts Centre addresses the subject of home as a place of refuge and safety. Piia's own family history has influenced her work as she grew up listening to stories told to her by her grandparents who lost their home and their country during the war. This installation made of miniature paper houses arranged on a floor takes a shape of an imaginary village or a town. A number of the houses have images drawn onto them by the artist; these drawings are images of objects and things that symbolise the idea of home for her. The rest of the houses are devoid of any drawing allowing the participants in the workshop to project their own feelings, thoughts and memories of a home onto these houses. This paper house will then replace one of the blank houses in her installation until eventually all the blank houses have been replaced by those drawn and decorated by the audience. This workshop is aimed at audiences from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and age groups who will work directly with the artist who will assist them with their art work.

Piia's work has gradually developed into participatory projects where she combines her experience in running educational workshops with her studio practice. Her site-specific interventions propose an engagement with communities exploring social, emotional, and historical relationships that contribute to cultural production. Piia's approach usually involves an action based event that requires equal commitment from the participant and the artist and acts as generator of material and knowledge. One of the aims of these interventions is to question the art making activity itself. Together with the participant's work she creates an alternative method of art making that can be viewed against the backdrop of the traditional practise as it exists, her desire is to blur the division to practitioners and non-practitioners, between exhibition space and public space as well as between artist and the audience.

Opening Reception: Friday 29th May 7-9pm