'Reflection Within the Art of Portrait'

Exhibition of works by Monika Ferris.
reflection image reflection image reflection image

Monday 22nd January Sunday 4th February 2018

Signal Arts Centre is extremely pleased to be exhibiting works by Monika Ferris.

Monika Ferris is a portrait artist from Poland currently living in Merrion Square, Dublin. Her upcoming exhibition at the Signal Arts Centre will include portraits focused to express the energy and beauty of a human, especially female and her inner magic.

Reflecting within the art of portraits is a way of capturing a portrait and what we actually see while looking at the other person. Many emotional influences can impact on the final portrait expression; therefore leading to the deepest point of presenting a portrait.

From universal reflection on the human condition and the penetrating portrait depth, to the existential mirrors combined with paintings, triggers captured reactions of the viewer's portrait.

Opening Reception: Thursday 25th January 7 - 9 pm

All Welcome!