'Shadows and Dolls'

An Exhibition by Roberta Fiano
Curated by Tony Clarke
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From Monday 6th July to Sunday 19th July 2015

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by talented artist Roberta Fiano.

Roberta was born in Terni, Italy. After completing high school, she attended the Academy of costume and Fashion in Rome and graduated with the highest honour. She worked in fashion for many years working with designers Ateliers Fiore Balestra and Versace and she also works in TV and Film as a costume creator. Her recent work has branched out to include Graphic design working with Lowe & Partners in Germany.

Roberta obtained a masters degree in Fashion management from the Academy of Fine Art in Foggia Italy and became coordinator of Ecstrate, an educational Artists group working with community projects for the young and old. She co-founded Aradia Arte Management along with Eleonora Zaccaria, which supports emerging Artists from Italy and beyond.

Shadows and Dolls is an exhibition that is split into two separate themes which have a common connection the concept of time and beauty.


Time is an illusion ( Albert Einstein )

The shadows of the past and traces of lives in places where they left their mark a person who lives in the ruins of an abandoned house where the memories of the people who lived there before are still alive their ghosts leaving a charm and beauty that transcends time.


Keep young and beautiful (Al Dublin & Harry Warren) All the girls like to play with dolls they like designer clothes have nice hair big eyes and a catwalk model figure as the girls grow older they continue to play with dolls only this time the doll is themselves the passage of time may be unkind to some imposing a false sense of security turning the girls into ghosts of themselves.

Opening Reception: Friday 10th July 7 pm - 9 pm

With music by the Jingo Box Band featuring guest vocalist Emme Nicolai