'All That Shines...'

An Exhibition by Robin Read

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From Tuesday 10th April to Sunday 22nd April 2007

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to welcome the return of artist Robin Read with an exhibition of new work.

Born in South Africa, Robin attended Damelin College and finished his education at Wits University. He completed International Banking Diplomas and worked at ASBA Bank, but finding his heart was not in banking, moved to Portugal to develop as an artist. Robin did not train formally and is essentially self taught, although he did receive some private tuition. He is currently living and working in Leiria, Portugal.

Robin paints using a unique style and materials. His favourite medium is gold and silver leaf. The exact process remains a trade secret but Robin will usually start with texturing up the canvas, then applying gold and silver leaf, onto which he uses a home made varnish to paint in monocolour. Occasionly he will use a little oil paint on top of the metal leaf. The effect is stunning and original and really must be seen to be believed. The paintings have a huge amount of depth and a rich appearance, the perception of which will change with daylight and artificial light. His themes range from nudes to scenic and even contemporary or abstract styles

Robin does not like to exhibit with predefined themes. He feels that being forced to create paintings with the constraints of a theme inhibits the artist creativity. The artist must feel free to respond to any visual stimulus that surrounds him.

Robin has exhibited in Portugal and Ireland. He has exhibited in Galeria Capital, Museum do Trajo do Algarve and Galeria Mouzinho de Albuqerque amongst others in Portugal. His show here in Signal Arts Centre last August was a huge success.

Opening Reception: Thursday 12th April 7-9pm