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An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Sarah Morshead

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From Tuesday 29th September to Sunday 11th October 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of work by staff artist Sarah Morshead. A return to painting and drawing on paper is the starting point for Sarah's 2nd solo show at the Gallery.

Sarah questions the role of the sketchbook and in turn, the role of drawing in painting, and their inter relationship. She explores the 'sketch' and the 'finished' piece. Dialogues are created between the two. Boundaries are questioned. Juxtapositions are made between sketches from notepads and separate 'finished' art works, between recent works and earlier works.

Of particular interest are doodles, gestural marks and squiggles. Often created spontaneously in a moment of energy they have a unique and fundamental quality, like a hand or finger print. They are explored, created, and recreated in drawings and in larger pieces.

The artist's ongoing interest in materials and surfaces questions the permanence, quality, presentation and finish of a piece. Materials include felt tip pens, inks, acrylics, oils, paper, canvas, polyfiller. Instead of tearing drawings out of notepads, the actual sketchbook is hung as a piece of work in itself. Pieces which might normally be framed have been left unframed.

The title of the show could be read in many ways. It comes from a piece written by the art historian James Elkins. One interpretation is that it illustrates in a beautifully concise way, the mystery and elusiveness of painting, and its inability to be rationalised.

Opening Reception: Friday 2nd October 7-9pm