'Solar Bodies, Lunar Souls

Exhibitions of work by Michelle Fullam

michelle Fullam michelle Fullam


From Tuesday 29th October – Sunday 10th November 2019

Opening Reception: Friday 1st November 7pm – 9pm


Michelle Fullam lives and works in Co. Bray Wicklow. Although working primarily in ceramics Michelle also works with print and other mediums. Her work is mainly figurative, using hand building techniques and mostly earthenware clays. Many of the pieces are RAKU fired. The themes in Michelle’s work are an eclectic mix of mythology, history, nature and a bit of magic.


This exhibition is based on the turning points in the seasons that were times of celebration or ritual in ancient Ireland.

Solar bodies refers to the  concept of the show- a time when the suns progress through the year was of great significance to the people,  but also to the physical material.  Clay body refers to the actual clay mixture that is used in forming objects. The flame that’s needed to mature this body is like the intensity of the sun, that great source of heat and light that we rely on for our existence

Lunar souls refer to the journey of spirituality and creativity. The myths and stories created to explain people’s relationship and dependence on the elemental and monumental forces of nature.

Opening Reception: Friday 1st November 7pm – 9pm

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