An Exhibition featuring new work by Tony Clarke & guests, as well as his Art Students from St Fergal's Resource Centre Bray.
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Monday 10th October - Sunday 23rd October 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by Tony Clarke & his Art Students

'Superzeros' is an exhibition of new work brought to you by Bray artist Tony Clarke, & guests, as well as his art students from St Fergal's Resource Centre, Bray. Tony holds 2 art courses in the Resource Centre - Monday from 7-9 pm for the last 10 years, and Thursday 7-9 pm for 4 years. New members are always welcome.

Under Tony's guidance, his students have progressively improved from being complete beginners to confident, advanced art students. Working with various mediums, including painting (with oils and acrylics), drawing and collage, they have used all the skills gained over the past few years - easily adapting to technical challenges. The resulting work is fresh, colourful and full of imagination.

"This exhibition focuses on the ability of the artist to construct from the imagination. Each artist, as well as designing an image from their own personal interests, was asked to create a ‘superhero’.

As in life, the notion of a ‘superhero’ is a person of great strength, a person to be trusted and a person to be admired. But sometimes they miss the mark and totally fail reminiscent of maybe some or all of our politicians and other public figures who started out as heroes only to become Zeros". -Tony Clarke 2016

Opening Reception: Sunday 16th October 3 - 5 pm

All Welcome!