'Three Ravens And Other Dreams'

An Exhibition by the Artist Véronique Castellanos.

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Monday 12th - Sunday 25th September 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be hosting an exhibition by the Artist Véronique Castellanos..

‘I am a French woman who has spent over 20 years in the West of Ireland, a mother of four, and a self-taught artist.’ says Véronique Castellanos. ‘I started painting in the early 2000s, however I cannot think back on a time in my life when I wasn't holding a pencil and drawing!’

‘My choice of subjects is as multi-faceted as I feel myself, and life, to be, and every new phase in my life has ushered in a different theme, or style.'

'For example, as a painter, for many years I seemed to be particularly drawn to scenes depicting a lone female figure engaged in some ordinary, everyday activity, yet imbued with a degree of serenity and even contemplation. Someone helpfully pointed out to me that it must express a longing for peace and solitude at a time when motherhood was claiming most of my time... The subjects I choose can range from the seemingly mundane to the inexplicably fantastical. ’

'What I create from imagination can find its source in some rather unlikely quarters. Some people see recognisable shapes in clouds… and so do I, in virtually anything. Patterns on a floorboard can open up a world to me, as would the swirls of soapy water snaking their way out into the plug hole…More often than not, though, trees will be my most reliable providers of inspiration. I like weaving these natural designs into intricate drawings, usually in black and white, ink or pencil. When I embark on one such drawing, I never know for sure where it’s going to take me. And the destination can be quite a surprising one…

There is a surreal, dream-like quality to many of my drawings, hence the title: “Three Ravens and Other Dreams”…

‘As for painting, as I have no set technique, each piece is a challenge in itself and an opportunity to try something new!’

'In this exhibition I aim to present as varied an assortment of what is meaningful to me, and of the different approaches I take, from copying to creating solely from imagination. I have tried to leave my comfort zone and let myself be led into new territories.'

Opening Reception: Friday 23rd September 7 - 9 pm

All Welcome!