'Waking Up'

Exhibition of works by Michael Connaughton.
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Monday 28th August Ė Sunday 10th September 2017

Guest Speaker: Maeve Murran, Aura Soma and Sanctuary Garristown, Co Dublin

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the artist Michael Connaughton.

Since 1977, at the launch of my first exhibition in the Arcade Gallery in Totnes, Devon following on with group and solo shows in Dudley, R.S.B.A. Birmingham, The Chamber Rooms in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Libertyís and the Mall Galleries in London, Twelve years of moving, hitching and sharing the last of the sixties I came home quite adulterated and started afresh. I joined the Howth Poetry Workshop, set up Voicefree, a venue for poets and writers, and got into the college of marketing and design in for a diploma which came with an exhibition/diploma in 1985.

I have shown in quite a number of small art galleries, and in case I forget, I met up with some of the finest spiritual artists in a college of spiritual science John Wilkes (flowforms), Arne Klinberg, Steinerís Goetheanum in Switzerland, and at present admite on facebook the work of many artists but exceptionally Urzula Sobothka and Tim Paulve, not forgetting Joyce Garvey painter, author and poet in Whitehall.

My work presently is prepared somewhat in the pointillist style, with watercolour marks painted with the tube only. I wet 2 plinth sheets attached in a water basin, drag it from the top, held by the corners and drop it down from the furthest point in front of me and lay it flat on top of the watercolour paper. These marks persuade the colours to move in various directions, and in about 3 hours or so there is an appreciation of art at work. There is definite consciousness at work here but I work through the will. What do you think viewer?

At present Iím trying to find a place in the community centre, a huge development just before Howth to include a centre for the arts. I am writing and painting and submitting records in photographic form for eventual acceptance at the Taylor and IMMA Galleries and completing/editing my poems for publication. Iíve published 12 books of poetry and read quite often during my exhibitions. Iím a spiritologist.

Howth artist, poet and writer Michael Connaughton, having spent many years exhibiting his works in England, returned home to Ireland in his own words 'after hitching and sharing the last of the sixties I came home quite adulterated and started afresh'.

Opening Reception: Friday 1st September 7 - 9 pm

All Welcome!