'Willow and Clay'

Exhibition of works by Aoife Patterson and Andrea Paul.
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Tuesday 20th March - Sunday 1st April 2018

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the artists Andrea Paul and Aoife Patterson.

Andrea Paul

My Workspace is surrounded by 'my treasures' - items I have found, both natural and manmade, that provide me with inspiration for my work. It could be the shape, colour or texture of these found objects that gives me a starting point. I like to experiment with different clay bodies, and enjoy manipulating the clay, reacting to the material and the way it handles. The texture of the clay often informs the finished piece.

Aoife Patterson

Traditional willow basket making is intriguing to me. The patterns, sequences and forms the willow lends itself to for a basket to be made is incredible. Thousands of years of information and technology stored in every basket that is made. It is not just me making a basket, it's all those people who have gone before.

We are delighted to be sharing this exhibition space, as it gives us the opportunity to showcase our work and our shared admiration of the creative process.

Opening Reception: Friday 23rd March from 7 - 9 pm

All Welcome!