I have always understood that I would be an artist. So much so, I didn't feel the need to 'be an artist' for many years. Now that I am committing myself to daily painting and study I can understand that I my eyes have been teaching me all along. My 'art' can not be separated out from who I am and has found expression in all that I do, not just in the painting and drawing that I have done all of my life.

I'm not interested in styles. I don't aspire to be one thing or another, although I am inspired and motivated by the work of others. I know a piece is done when I no longer see it as a combination of composition, colour and technique but when it catches up with me as a feeling. If it's good then the feeling is strong, intense even.

My motivation is to improve my craft and develop my ability so that it no longer restricts what I want to achieve so that I can translate the mood, the essence of an idea.

As a daily painter I am fired up by the idea of being part of a global discussion around painting that is a varied as there are artists. I paint a small painting, every day or every other day and post them on my website.


To view more of my work visit www.roisinofarrell.com

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