I have so many images in my head that I want to paint right now.  I sometimes think it would be nice to do a series of paintings but I find as soon as I have finished a piece the idea of doing something similar bores me.  To paint you have to have motivation.  I am like a child waiting for the curtain to go up in a pantomime.  I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

What is the point of painting something when you know how it is going to turn out?  There is no experimentation or excitement in that.  However I do feel there is a motif or pattern that runs through my work.

My work is painting.  I am a painter.  I love the physical act of putting paint on to a board, the smell and feel of the paint, seeing it build up in layers.

My work is not representational in the strictest sense.  I like to feel the painting is continually moving, but there is always the danger with abstraction that the work like a cloud can suddenly take on the form of a flying hippo or whatever and that’s what you are stuck with forever!

I am a huge fan of the American Artist, Robert Motherwell.  Among contemporary Artists I admire Bridget Flannery, Ian Davenport and Gary Hume.

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