Claire Buckley | As Above so Below

Opening Reception: Sunday 15th January, 3 – 5pm

Trees exist in two worlds at once. They are deeply rooted in the earth and never stop reaching to the heavens. This duality is key to Claire Buckley’s work, where she explores the relationship between what is and what might be, between the physical and the spiritual, and between past and present. “As Above So Below” refers to a verse from a Hermetic text. Just like the trees’ branches are being influenced and supported by the roots hidden below, this image represents how generations past continue to be present and guide us even as we reach outward into the future.

The idea for this exhibition formed itself naturally after the artist lost her father. She found herself fascinated with roots and what they represent, and they found their way into her work. It became clear that she felt a strong connection with the trees she was drawing. The tangle of their branches came to represent her own journey leaving her home country years ago, and like their strong roots buried deep beneath us, she felt grounded by what came before her. May this exhibition help viewers to discover their own relationship with trees and with their roots below.

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09 - 22 Jan 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Signal Arts Centre
1a Albert Ave, Bray, Co. Wicklow


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