'The Great, Great Irresistable'

by Andi McGarry

Monday 10th January - Saturday 22nd January

'Wet Cheeks Rub'

by (Artist Unknown)

Thursday 27th January - Saturday 5th February


by (Artist Unknown)

Friday 18th February - Sunday 27th February

'Paintings in Acrylic'

by Philip Childs

Monday 21st February - Saturday 12th March

'History of Bray'

 by Children's Art Competition Winners

Monday 14th March - Saturday 26th March

'A one-woman show'

 by Annabe Konig

Monday 28th March - Wednesday 6th April

Exhibition Title Unknown

by Diarmuid Kavanagh

Monday 18th April - Saturday 30th April

'Still Life Stories'

 by Michael Kavanagh

Tuesday 3rd May - Saturday 14th May

' End Of Year Exhibition'

 by Adult Education Centre

Tuesday 17th May - Friday 27th May


 by Life Drawing Workshop

Monday 30th May - Saturday 11th June

'One Man Show'

 by John Dunne

Monday 13th June- Saturday 25th June

'Meitheal '

 by Signal Art Centre Members

Tuesday 28th June - Saturday 16th July

'Group Show'

 by Youthreach

Monday 18th July - Saturday 30th July

'Mermaids Purse'

 Signal Artists

Tuesday 2nd August - Saturday 20th August


 by Sharon Maher

Monday 22nd August - Saturday 10th September


 by Dr Dermot Ryan Tittle

Monday 12thSeptember - Saturday 17th September

'Sea Dreams'

 by Ann Augusta
Tuesday 5th October - Sunday 16th October


 by John Dunne

Monday 3rd October - Saturday 15th October


 by Louisa Nally

Tuesday 8th November - Saturday 12th November

'Art Show'

 by Bray Active Retirement Group

Monday 14th November - Saturday 26th November

'Ruins and Remains'

 by Michelle Fullham

Monday 28th November - Saturday 10th December