'Water Time Piece'

by Lorraine Dunne

Saturday 4th January - Saturday 18th January

'Sea Arra Forcast'

by Amanda Ralph

Monday 20th January- Wednesday 29th January


by Ann Michelle Claire

Monday 10th February - Monday 28th February

'Little Birds'

 by Danielle Sheehy

Monday 3rd March - Saturday 22nd March


 by M2 Studios

Monday 24th March - Saturday 12th April


by Group

Friday 14th April - Saturday 3rd May


by Roger Coffey

Tuesday 6th May - Friday 16th May


by Darina Roche-King

Monday 20th May - Saturday 30th May

'Life Studies'

by Group Show

Monday 14th April - Saturday 3rd May

'Head Space'

 by Jean Clyde

Tuesday 3rd June - Saturday 14th June


 by Oona McFarland

Monday 16th June - Saturday 28th July


 by Signal Artists

Tuesday 8th July - Friday 18th July

Unknown Exhibition Title

 by Josef Gambles

Wednesday 23rd July - Wednesday 6th August

'Vino Verde Azentonas'

 by Sharon Maher

Monday 11th August - Sunday 31st August

'Paintings & Ceramics'

 by Noel Cleary & Bebe

Dates Unknown

John Dunne Image

'Collection of Paintings'

 by John Dunne

Saturday 13th September - Thursday 25th September

'Mixed Media'

 by Active Retirement

Sunday 5th November - Thursday 16th October

'Collection of Work'

 by Group Artists

Monday 28th October - Saturday 15th November

'By The Waterfront'

 by Michael Corrigan

Monday 20th November - Thursday 30th November

'On Your Doorstep'

 by Mervyn Doran

Tuesday 2nd December- Saturday 13th December

'Morning Chorus'

 by Cathy Doyle

Monday 15th December - Saturday 14th December