'New Works'

by Maxi Lyons

Tuesday 19th Dec 2000 - Saturday 13th January
Opening Reception: Wednesday 20th Dec 2000

'Journeys and Explorations'

by Cathy Addis

Tuesday 16th January - Saturday 27th January
Opening Reception: Thursday 18th January

'Fruit of the Earth'

by Yanny Petters

Tuesday 30th January - Saturday 10th February
Opening Reception: Tuesday 30th January

'Group Exhibition'

 by Red Dot

Tuesday 13th February - ??? February

Opening Reception: Wednesday 14th February

'Recent Abstracts and  Landscapes'

 by Guy Hanscomb

Tuesday 27th February - Saturday 10th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st March

'No Prisoners'

by Douglas Ross

Tuesday 13th March - Saturday 24th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 15th March

'On the Shoulders of Giants'

 by Jim Mullins

Tuesday 27th March - Saturday 7th April
Opening Reception: Tuesday 27th March

'The End of the Beginning'

 by Matthew Cave

Tuesday 10th April - Saturday 28th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 12th April


 by Robert Hudson

Tuesday 1st May - Saturday 12th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 10th May


 by Harry Vince Coulter

Tuesday 15th May to Saturday 26th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 17th May

'Artlink Student Exhibition'

 by Artlink

Tuesday 29th May to Saturday 9th June
Opening Reception: Thursday 31st May

'Framed and Exposed'

 by Bray Camera Club

Tuesday 12th June - Saturday 23rd June
Opening Reception: Thursday 14th June

'A Place Apart'

 by Biddy Scott, Mary Brady & Beatrice Stewart

Tuesday 26th June - Saturday 7th July
Opening Reception: Tuesday 26th June

'Landscape and Memory'

 by Linda Shevlin

Tuesday 10th July - Saturday 21st July
Opening Reception: Thursday 12th July


 by Eamonn Logue

Tuesday 24th July - Saturday 4th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 26th July


 by Daria Chapkovskaya

Wednesday 8th August - Sunday 19th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 9th August

'Light Works'

 by Jackie Aherne and Detta Riney

Tuesday 21st August - Saturday 1st September
Opening Reception: ???

'After Rouault'

 by Myriam Sweeney

Tuesday 4th September - Saturday 15th September
Opening Reception: Friday 7th September

'Signal Group Exhibition'

 by Signal staff, Past and Present

Tuesday 18th September - Saturday 29th September
Opening Reception: Friday 21st September

'Colour Fields'

 by Gerard Cox

Tuesday 2nd October - Saturday 13th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 4th October

'Remains of Grace'

 by Peggy Sue Amison

Tuesday 16th October - Saturday 27th October
Opening Reception: Tuesday 16th October

'Colour and Form'

 by Peter Farrell

Wednesday 31st October - Saturday 10th November
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd November

'No Fixed Abode'

 by Group, local artists

Tuesday 13th November - Saturday 24th November
Opening Reception: Monday 5th November

'East Coast - Bray to Balbriggan'

 by Marie Fallon

Tuesday 27th November - Saturday 8th December
Opening Reception: Friday 30th November

'We Will Walk in Fields of Gold'

 by Fiona Flynn

Tuesday 11th December - Saturday 12th Jan 2002
Opening Reception: Friday 14th December