by James Kenny

Tuesday 4th January - Saturday 15th January
Opening Reception: Thursday 6th January

'No Fighting in the War Room'

by Alan Mongey

Wednesday 19th January - Saturday 29th January
Opening Reception: Thursday 20th January

'Labels and Beyond'

by Ann Kennedy

Tuesday 1st February - Saturday 12th February
Opening Reception: Thursday 3rd February


 by Liam Fitzpatrick

Tuesday 15th February - Saturday 26th February Opening Reception: Friday 18th February

'Seen and Unseen'

 by Brigitte McGovern

Tuesday 1st March - Saturday 12th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 3rd March

'All Things Bright and Beautiful'

by Bray Active Retirement Association

Wednesday 30th March - Saturday 9th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 31st March


 by Bray Camera Club

Tuesday 12th April - Saturday 23rd April
Opening Reception: Thursday 14th April

'The Nature of Memory'

 by Fiona Fullam

Tuesday 26th April - Saturday 7th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 28th April

'The Received Authority'

 by Marie Casey

Tuesday 10th May - Saturday 21st May
Opening Reception: Friday 13th May

'Bows Down To Wood'

 by Conleth Gent

Tuesday 21st May to Saturday 4th June
Opening Reception: Thursday 26th May

'Twenty Two Moments in Time'

 by Peader O'Donoghue

Tuesday 7th June to Sunday 18th June
Opening Reception: Friday 10th June


 by Conall McCabe

Tuesday 21st June - Saturday 2nd July
Opening Reception: Friday 24th June

'4th Annual Signal Arts Society Exhibition'

 by SAS

Tuesday 5th July - Sunday 16th July
Opening Reception: Friday 8th July


 by Cathy Doyle

Tuesday 19th July - Saturday 30th July
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd July

'Visual Impressions Photography'

 by Deirdre Maher Ridgway

Wednesday 3rd August - Sunday 13th August
Opening Reception: Friday 5th August

'Shapes and Movement'

 by Celia Robertson

Tuesday 16th August - Saturday 27th August
Opening Reception: Friday 19th August

'An Exhibition of Paintings'

 by Fionnuala O'Toole

Tuesday 30th August - Saturday 10th September
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd September

'Emotion Recollected in Tranquillity'

 by Zora Byrne

Tuesday 13th September - Saturday 24th September
Opening Reception: Friday 16th September

'Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder'

 by Alan Boyle

Tuesday 27th September - Saturday 8th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 29th September

'Candy Floss'

 by Michelle Fullam

Tuesday 11th October - Saturday 22nd October
Opening Reception: Friday 14th October

'Paintings from Behind Closed Doors/Reflections'

 by Bebe Cullen-Walshe/Jane Bowe
Tuesday 25th October - Saturday 5th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 27th October


 by Dargle Community Base

Tuesday 8th November - Saturday 19th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 10th November


 by Kate Minnock

Tuesday 22nd November - Saturday 3rd December
Opening Reception: Friday 25th November

'Series of Stitched Drawings'

 by Bernie Leahy

Tuesday 6th December - Saturday 17th December
Opening Reception: Thursday 8th December


 by Signal Artists

Tuesday 20th December - Friday 23rd December
Opening Reception: Tuesday 20th December