'Stick People with Huge Haircuts are Top Heavy and Fall Over'

by Derek Cummins

Tuesday 3rd January - Saturday 14th January
Opening Reception: Thursday 5th January

'Midnight Automatic'

by Marianne Shorten

Tuesday 17th January - Saturday 28th January
Opening Reception: Friday 20th January

'Artist in the Community 2005'

by Little Bray Family Resource Centre & Artist Valerie Tucker

Tuesday 31st January - Saturday 11th February
Opening Reception: Thursday 2nd February


 by Stephen McKee

Tuesday 14th February - Saturday 25th February Opening Reception: Thursday 16th February

'Challenging Perceptions'

 by Sarah Varian

Tuesday 28th February - Saturday 11th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 2nd March

'Shades of Enigma'

by Sunbeam House Services

Tuesday 14th March - Saturday 25th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 16th March

'Vital Illusions'

 by Rhoda Cunningham

Tuesday 28th March - Saturday 8th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 30th March

'As The Shadows'

 by James O'Dowd

Tuesday 11th April - Saturday 22nd April
Opening Reception: Thursday 13th April


 by Paul McCann

Tuesday 25th April - Saturday 6th May
Opening Reception: Friday 28th April

'I Don't Think So'

 by Sarah Maher

Tuesday 9th May to Saturday 20th May
Opening Reception: Sunday 14th May

'Contemporary Productions'

 by Emma Coyle.

Tuesday 23rd May to Sunday 3rd June
Opening Reception: Friday 26th May

'Wicklow 400 People and Places'

 by Bray Camera Club

Tuesday 6th June - Saturday 17th June
Opening Reception: Thursday 8th June

'Collared Love'

 by Ilona Madden

Tuesday 20th June - Sunday 2nd July
Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd June

'5th Annual Signal Arts Society Exhibition'

 by SAS

Tuesday 4th July - Sunday 16th July
Opening Reception: Thursday 6th July


 by Feargus Cooney

Tuesday 18th July - Sunday 30th July
Opening Reception: Thursday 20th July

'All in a Moment'

 by Kary Mullally

Tuesday 2nd August - Sunday 13th August
Opening Reception: Friday 4th August

'The Lustre of Gold'

 by Robin Read

Tuesday 15th August - Sunday 27th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 17th August

'Sea Change'

 by Annika Berglund

Tuesday 29th August - Sunday 10th September
Opening Reception: Thursday 31st August

'Tree, Sea and Landscape'

 by Aideen Griffin

Tuesday 12th September - Sunday 24th September
Opening Reception: Friday 15th September


 by Pat Burnes

Tuesday 26th September - Sunday 8th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 28th September

'This Doesn't Explain Anything'

 by Barry Kehoe

Tuesday 10th October - Sunday 22nd October
Opening Reception: Thursday 12th October

'An Exhibition of Recent Works'

 by Noel Cleary

Tuesday 24th October - Sunday 5th November
Opening Reception: Friday 27th October

'An Exhibition of New Paintings'

 by Elaine Reidy

Tuesday 7th November - Sunday 19th November
Opening Reception: Friday 10th November

'Bursting Forth with Ten Fists of Flame'

 by Cóilín Rush

Tuesday 21st November - Sunday 3rd December
Opening Reception: Thursday 23rd November

'GAIA Mother of Life'

 by Frankie Gallagher & Cabrini Lynch

Tuesday 5th December - Sunday 17th December
Opening Reception: Friday 8th December


 by Signal Arts Centre

Tuesday 19th December - Saturday 23rd December
Opening Reception: Tuesday 19th December