'Meeting Europe'

 by Anno Henke, Patrizio Donati,
 Roberto Lacentra & Stefano Tamburrini

Wednesday 3rd January - Sunday 21st January
Opening Reception: Thursday 4th January

'Stolen Time' Artist in the Community

 by Emer O'Boyle

Tuesday 23rd January - Sunday 28th January
Opening Reception: Thursday 25th January



 by Barry Foley & Emma Sweeney

Tuesday 30th January - Sunday 11th February
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd February

'First Hand Emotion'

 by Katarzyna Gajewska

Tuesday 13th February - Sunday 25th February
Opening Reception: Friday 16th February

'The Slow Worm Patiently  Circling'

 by Brian Hannigan

Tuesday 27th February - Sunday 11th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st March

'Melting Pot'

 by New Dawn Training Centre
 & Festina Lente Foundation

Tuesday 13th March - Sunday 25th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 15th March

'New Beginnings'

 by Alan Boyle

Tuesday 27th March - Sunday 8th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 29th March

'All That Shines'

 by Robin Read

Tuesday 10th April - Sunday 22nd April
Opening Reception: Thursday 12th April


 by Sheila Kavanagh

Tuesday 24th April - Sunday 6th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 26th April

'Collaborators II'

 by Douglas Ross

Tuesday 8th May - Sunday 20th May
Opening Reception: Friday 11th May

'Stories from Beyond a Dream'

 by Cliodhna Quinlan

Tuesday 22nd May - Sunday 3rd June
Opening Reception: Thursday 24th May

'Unrecognisable Landscapes'

 by Peter Cabocky

Tuesday 5th June - Sunday 17th June
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th June

'World Without End'

 by Barbara O'Meara

Tuesday 19th June - Sunday 1st July
Opening Reception: Thursday 21st June

'Signal Arts Society Exhibition'

 by SAS Members

Tuesday 3rd July - Sunday 15th July
Opening Reception: Friday 6th July


 by Rory O'Connell

Tuesday 17th July - Sunday 29th July
Opening Reception: Thursday 19th July

'Scene Unscene'

 by Kieran Dalton

Tuesday 31st July - Sunday 12th August
Opening Reception: Tuesday 31st July


 by Joanne Boyle

Tuesday 14th August - Sunday 26th August
Opening Reception: Friday 17th August

'Diverse Cultures'

 by Emma Doyle

Tuesday 28th August - Sunday 9th September
Opening Reception: Thursday 30th August

'My World Is...'

 by Helen Pullen

Tuesday 11th September - Sunday 23rd September
Opening Reception: Friday 14th September

'Recent Work'

 by Damian Byrne

Tuesday 25th September - Sunday 7th October
Opening Reception: Friday 28th September

'We Seek With Words to Find a Resting Place'

 by Biddy Scott

Tuesday 9th October - Sunday 21st October
Opening Reception: Friday 12th October

'Two Minds, One Voice'

 by Alan Boyle & Grainne Watts

Tuesday 23rd October - Sunday 4th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 25th October

'In the Dream Time'

 by Jean Doyle

Tuesday 6th November - Sunday 18th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 8th November

'Feelin' Good'

 by St. John of God Carmona Services

Tuesday 20th November - Sunday 2nd December
Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd November

'Veiled Colour Flow'

 by Donna Jacob

Tuesday 4th December - Sunday 16th December
Opening Reception: Friday 7th December

Meitheal Image


 by Signal Staff & Ex-Staff Members

Tuesday 18th December - Sunday 22nd December
Opening Reception: Wednesday 19th December