'Do I know you?'

by Aoife Feeney

Tuesday 6th January - Sunday 18th January
Opening Reception: Friday 9th January

'Don't Feed the Bears'

 by Gerry Lee

Tuesday 20th January - Sunday 1st February
Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd January

'The Sketchbook'

 by Bartosz Kolata

Tuesday 3rd February - Sunday 15th February
Opening Reception: Thursday 5th February

'Stories Shared'

 by Youthreach and Artists in the  Community 2008

Tuesday 17th February - Sunday 1st March
Opening Reception: Friday 20th February

'The Palimpsest of Home'

 by Angela Anderson

Tuesday 3rd March - Sunday 15th March
Opening Reception: Friday 6th March

'Faoi Bláth'

 by Jane Talbot

Wednesday 18th March - Sunday 29th March
Opening Reception: Friday 20th March

'Light Shadows'

 by Rachel Randall

Tuesday 31st March - Sunday 12th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 2nd April

'Genesis II'

 by Síofra Artists Group

Wednesday 15th April - Sunday 26th April
Opening Reception: Friday 17th April

'Who's Yer Paddy?'

 by Francisco De Borja

Tuesday 28th April - Sunday 10th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 30th April

'Yes, But What's INSIDE It?'

 by Maura Ryan

Tuesday 12th May - Sunday 24th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 14th May

'Home Sweet Home'

 by Piia Rossi

Tuesday 26th May - Sunday 7th June
Opening Reception: Friday 29th May

'Colourful out of our Imagination'

 by Rehab Care

Tuesday 9th June - Sunday 21st June
Opening Reception: Thursday 11th June

'Strands of Memory'

 by Beverly Ranger

Tuesday 23rd June - Sunday 5th July
Opening Reception: Friday 26th June

'9th Annual Exhibition'

 by Signal Arts Society

Tuesday 7th July - Sunday 19th July
Opening Reception: Friday 10th July

'Figures & Landscapes'

 by Maria O'Brien

Tuesday 21st July - Sunday 2nd August
Opening Reception: Friday 24th July

'Fictitious Interludes'

 by Saskia Vermeulen

Wednesday 5th August - Sunday 16th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 6th August

'Shades Of Introspection'

 by Christophe Calleja

Tuesday 18th August - Sunday 30th August
Opening Reception: Friday 21st August

'Soft Day, Thank God'

 by Leah Beggs

Tuesday 1st September - Sunday 13th September
Opening Reception: Friday 4th September

'If This is a Man'

 by Thomas Delohery

Tuesday 15th September - Sunday 27th September
Opening Reception: Thursday 17th September

'1+1= one'

 by Sarah Morshead

Tuesday 29th September - Sunday 11th October
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd October

'Stillness and Movement in the Field of Endless Possibilities'

 by Linde Fidorra

Tuesday 13th October - Sunday 25th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 15th October

'The Water Line'

 by Louise Newman

Wednesday 28th October - Sunday 8th November
Opening Reception: Friday 30th October


 by Joanne Boyle

Tuesday 10th November - Sunday 22nd November
Opening Reception: Friday 13th November


 by Denis Dunne

Tuesday 24th November - Sunday 6th December
Opening Reception: Friday 27th November


 by Signal Arts Centre

Tuesday 8th December - Thursday 24th December
Opening Reception: Thursday 8th December