Conleth Gent's work

'New Year New Works'

 by Conleth Gent & Maeve Stafford

Tuesday 5th January - Sunday 17th January
Opening Reception: Friday 8th January, 7-9pm

Edel Bartley's image

'The Interaction of Time, Place and Being'

 by Edel Bartley

Tuesday 19th January - Sunday 31st January
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd January, 7-9pm

Dave Flynn's image

'From Here to There:                  
Reconciling Process and Truth

 by Dave Flynn

Tuesday 2nd February - Sunday 14th February
Opening Reception: Friday 5th February, 7-9pm

Artist in the Community 2009's image

'Remote Control'

 Artist in the Community 2009

Tuesday 16th February - Sunday 28th February
Opening Reception: Friday 19th February, 7-9pm

'3 X 3'

 by Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield

 and Sean Campbell

Tuesday 2nd March - Sunday 14th March
Opening Reception: Friday 5th March, 7-9pm

Brian Gallagher's image

'Found Line'

 by Brian Gallagher

Tuesday 16th March - Sunday 28th March
Opening Reception: Friday 19th March, 7-9pm

Aoife Hand's image

'Absence, Heart, Fonder'

 by Aoife Hand

Tuesday 30th March - Sunday 11th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st April, 7-9pm

Alannah Robins's image

'A Song of Parting'

 by Alannah Robins

Tuesday 13th April - Sunday 25th April
Opening Reception: Friday 16th April, 7-9pm

Lian Callaghan's image

'Force Fields'

 by Lian Callaghan

Tuesday 27th April - Sunday 9th May
Opening Reception: Sunday 2nd May, 3-5pm

Aoife Fitzgerald's image

'A Collage of People'

 by Aoife Fitzgerald

Tuesday 11th May - Sunday 23rd May
Opening Reception: Friday 14th May, 7-9pm

Tony Gunning's image


 by Tony Gunning

Tuesday 25th May - Sunday 6th June
Opening Reception: Sunday 30th May, 3-5pm

Carole Cullen's image


 by Carole Cullen

Wednesday 9th June - Sunday 20th June
Opening Reception: Sunday 13th June, 3-5pm

Bebhinn Flood's image

'The Art of Fashion'

 by Bébhinn Flood

Tuesday 22nd June - Sunday 4th July
Opening Reception: Friday 25th June, 7-9pm

Signal Arts Society's image

'10th Annual Exhibition'

 by SAS Members

Tuesday 6th July - Sunday 18th July
Opening Reception: Sunday 11th July, 3-5pm

Nuala O'Sullivan's image

'The Fifth Woman'

 by Nuala O'Sullivan

Tuesday 20th July - Sunday 1st August
Opening Reception: Thursday 29th July, 7-9pm

Eoin O'Connor's image

'The Astronomer's Garden'

 by Eoin O'Connor

Wednesday 4th August- Sunday 15th August
Opening Reception: Friday 6th August, 7-9pm

Sonia Haccius's image

'Stories That Were Never Told'

 by Sonia Haccius

Tuesday 17th August - Sunday 29th August
Opening Reception: Friday 20th August, 7-9pm

'Met With Elsewhere'

 by Kathryn Ryan, Jonathon Curran and Laura Butler

Tuesday 31st August - Sunday 12th September
Opening Reception: Friday 3rd September, 7-9pm

Roisin Verdon's image

'Through the Looking Glass'

 by Róisín Verdon

Tuesday 14th September - Sunday 26th September
Opening Reception: Friday 17th September, 7-9pm

Charmain Fitzgerald's image

'Unusual House Guests'

 by Charmain Fitzgerald

Tuesday 28th September - Sunday 10th October
Opening Reception: Friday 1st October, 7-9pm

image coming soon

'Art Sale Extravaganza'

 Signal Arts Centre Fundraiser

Tuesday 12th October - Sunday 17th October
Wine Reception: Friday 15th October, 7pm

image coming soon

'Social Inclusion Week'

 inc 'Did Anyone Notice Us?' screening

Sunday 17th October - Saturday 23rd October
Film Screening: Thursday 21st October, 7pm

Derek Fitzpatrick's

'Within the Realm of Feelings'

 by Derek Fitzpatrick

Wednesday 27th October - Sunday 7th November
Opening Reception: Friday 29th October, 7-9pm

Greg Murray's image

'A Gregarious Congregation'

 by Greg Murray

Tuesday 9th November - Sunday 21st November
Opening Reception: Friday 12th November, 7-9pm

Orla Barry's image

'The Pointless Pursuit of Shadows'

 by M. Hall, T. Hanna, J. Deans, J. Spain,
O. Barry & S. Quigley

Tuesday 23rd November - Sunday 5th December
Opening Reception: Friday 26th November, 7-9pm

Bray Active Retirement Association's image

'BARA Art Group Exhibition'

 by Bray Active Retirement Association

Tuesday 7th December - Sunday 19th December
Opening Reception: Friday 10th December, 7-9pm

Christmas Fair image

'Bargain Christmas Craft Fair'

 by Signal Arts Centre

Monday 20th December - Thursday 24th December