Sarah Murphy's image

'Dress Up In You'

by Sarah Murphy

Wednesday 5th January - Sunday 16th January
Opening Reception: Friday 7th January, 7-9pm

Helen McNulty's image


by Helen McNulty

Tuesday 18th January - Sunday 30th January
Opening Reception: Friday 21st January, 7-9pm

Tom Fox's image

'Under the Iron Bridge'

by Tom Fox

Tuesday 1st February - Sunday 13th February
Opening Reception: Friday 4th Feburary, 7-9pm

'Myriad Visions'

 by Drawing Group

Tuesday 15th February - Sunday 27th February
Opening Reception: Friday 18th Feburary, 7-9pm

Boz Mugabe's image

'Auspicious Reconstitutions II'

 by Boz Mugabe

Tuesday 1st March - Sunday 13th March
Opening Reception: Sunday 6th March, 3-5pm

Brigitte McGovern's image

'Sea Changes'

by Louise Newman and Brigitte McGovern

Tuesday 15th March - Sunday 27th March
Opening Reception: Wednesday 16th March, 7-9pm

Emma Bourke's image

'Glass Flowers'

 by Emma Bourke

Tuesday 29th March - Sunday 10th April
Opening Reception: Thursday 31st March, 7-9pm

Willie Redmond's image

'Bye Bye Bog'

 by Willie Redmond

Tuesday 12th April - Sunday 24th April
Opening Reception: Friday 15th April, 7-9pm


 by Lian Callaghan

Wednesday 27th April - Sunday 8th May
Opening Reception: Sunday 1st May, 3-5pm

Glen Farrell's image

'Pushing Out The Boat'

 by RADE
(Recovery through Art, Drama & Education)

Tuesday 10th May - Sunday 22nd May
Opening Reception: Friday 13th May, 7-9pm

Rachael Agnew's image

'Join the Dots'

 by Rachael Agnew

Tuesday 24th May - Sunday 5th June
Opening Reception: Friday 27th May, 7-9pm

Cliodhna Quinlan's image

'Birds of a Feather'

 by Cliodhna Quinlan

Wednesday 8th June - Sunday 19th June
Opening Reception: To be decided

Jonathan Curran's image

'What Lucy Found There'

 by Jonathan Curran

Tuesday 21st June - Sunday 3rd July
Opening Reception: Friday 24th June, 7-9pm

Donna's Image

'The Annual SAS Exhibition'

 by Signal Arts Society

Tuesday 5th July - Sunday 17th July
Opening Reception: Sunday 10th July, 3-5pm

Louis McLoughlin's image

'Mr Borregard's Adventures'

 by Louis McLoughlin

Tuesday 19th July - Sunday 31st July
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd July, 7-9pm

Kathryn Ryan's image


 by Kathryn Ryan

Wednesday 3rd August - Sunday 14th August
Opening Reception: Friday 5th August, 7-9pm

Craft's available image

'Signal Fundraiser Fortnight'

 by Signal Building Fund

Tuesday 16th August - Sunday 28th August
Opening Reception: Friday 19th August, 7-9pm

Deirdre Kearney's image

'Don't Look Down'

 by Deirdre Kearney

Tuesday 30th August - Sunday 11th September
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd September, 7-9pm

Roisin Verdon's Image

'Femme Fatale'

 by Róisín Verdon

Tuesday 13th September - Sunday 25th September
Opening Reception: Sunday 18th September, 3-5pm

'Scarred Earth'

 by Christine Power

Tuesday 27th September - Sunday 9th October
Opening Reception: Friday 30th September 79pm

Linde Fidorra's Image

'Waves and Particles'

 by Linde Fidorra

Tuesday 11th October - Sunday 23rd October
Opening Reception: Friday 14th October, 7-9pm

Denis Dunne

'Temporal Decomposition'

 by Denis Dunne

Tuesday 25th October - Sunday 6th November
Opening Reception: Friday 28th October, 79 pm

Spontaneous Order

'Spontaneous Order'

 by Group

Tuesday 8th November - Sunday 20th November
Opening Reception: Thurs 10th November, 7-9pm

Brigid O'Brien's image

'Allotment '

 by Brigid O'Brien

Tuesday 22nd November - Sunday 4th December
Opening Reception: Sunday 27th November, 3-5pm

Donna's Image


 by Signal Arts Centre

Tuesday 6th December - Sunday 18th December
Opening Reception: TBC