Exhibitions 2012

Sylvia Callan's Image

'The Matter of Things'

by Sylvia Callan

Tuesday 3rd January - Sunday 15th January.
Opening Reception: Friday 6th January, 7-9pm

Rachel Fallon's Image

'Mixed Media Installation'

by Rachel Fallon

Tuesday 17th January - Sunday 29th January
Opening Reception: Friday 20th January, 7-9pm

Hilary William's Image

'Passing Through'

by Hilary Williams

Tuesday 31st January - Sunday 12th February
Opening Reception: Sunday 5th Feburary, 3-5pm

BARA Image

'BARA 3'

by Bray Active Retirement Association

Tuesday 14th February - Sunday 26th February
Opening Reception: Friday 17th Feburary, 7-9pm

Ian Keaveny's Image

'Theatre of Ghosts'

by Ian Keaveny

Tuesday 28th February - Sunday 11th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st March, 7-9pm

Paul Bokslag's Image


by Paul Bokslag

Tuesday 13th March - Sunday 25th March
Opening Reception: Sunday 18th March, 3-5pm

Ilona Madden's Image

'Travelling Resident'

by llona Doufrain-Madden
Tuesday 27th March - Sunday 8th April
Opening Reception: Friday 30th March, 7-9pm

Jeanne Malborough's Image

'Bits and Pieces'

by Little Bray & St. Fergal's Ceramic Group

Tuesday 10th April - Sunday 22nd April
Opening Reception: Thursday 12th April, 7-9pm

Elizabeth Petcu's Image

'see no where'

an exploration' in porcelain

 by Elizabeth Petcu &Vicki Sutherland

Tuesday 24th April - Sunday 6th May
Opening Reception: Friday 27th April, 7-9pm

Came Into Being's Image

'Came into Being'

 A Showcase by Signal Artists

Tuesday 8th May - Sunday 20th May
Opening Reception: Friday 11th May, 7-9pm

Ten Ladies's Image

'Ten Ladies'

 An Exhibition by St. Fergal's RC Art Group

Tuesday 22nd May - Sunday 3rd June
Opening Reception: Friday 25th May 79pm

Bray Student's Image


 by Bray Students

Tuesday 6th June - Sunday 17th June
Opening Reception: Saturday 9th June 3-5pm

Jan Freiberger's Image

'Black & White Square'

 by Jan Freiberger

Tuesday 19th June - Sunday 1st July
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd June 7-9pm

SAS's Image

'The Annual SAS Exhibition'

 by Signal Arts Society

Tuesday 3rd July - Sunday 15th July
Opening Reception: To be decided

Helena Tobin's Image

'A Space Between'

 by Helena Tobin

Tuesday 17th July - Sunday 29th July
Opening Reception: Friday 20th July, 7-9pm

Fundraiser Image

'Vintage Portraits'

 by Denis Dunne

Tuesday 31st July - Sunday 12th August
Booking required: Contact: 01 2762039

Mary Brady's Image


 by Group

Tuesday 14th August - Sunday 26th August
Opening Reception: Sunday 19th August, 35pm

Marion Chombart de Lauwe's Image

''Exaggerated Realities'

 by Marion Chombart de Lauwe

Tuesday 28th August - Sunday 9th September
Opening Reception:Thursday 30th August, 79pm

John Cullen's Image

'Emotional Fish'

 by John Cullen

Tuesday 10th September - Sunday 23th September
Opening Reception: Friday 14th September, 79pm

Medley Image


 by RehabCare Group

Tuesday 25th September - Sunday 7th October
Opening Reception: Friday 28th September, 7-9pm

Fran Brosnan's Image

'Hidden Beauty'

 by Frances Brosnan

Tuesday 9th October - Sunday 21st October
Opening Reception: Friday 12th October, 7-9pm

Tony Clarke's Image

'Confessions of a process hound'

 by Tony Clarke

Tuesday 23rd October - Sunday 4th November
Opening Reception: Sunday 28th October, 3-5pm

Aoife Fitzgerald's Image

'Between Lines'

 by Open Submission

Tuesday 6th November - Sunday 18th November
Opening Reception: To be decided

Christine Power's Image

'Sacred Landscapes'

 by Christine Power

Tuesday 19th November - Sunday 2nd December
Opening Reception: Friday 23rd November, 7-9pm

Donna Kiernan's Image


 by Signal Arts Centre

Tuesday 4th December - Sunday 23rd December
Opening Reception: To be decided