Exhibitions 2012

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An Exhibition by Bray Active Retirement Association

Thursday 3rd January - Sunday 13th January.
Opening Reception: Friday 4th January, 7-9pm

Darias's images

'Where the Past Meets the Present'

by Daria Dobroniega

Tuesday 15th January - Sunday 27th January
Opening Reception: Friday 18th January, 7-9pm

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'A Longing'

by Carol O Connor

Tuesday 29th January - Sunday 10th February
Opening Reception: Sunday 3rd Feburary, 3-5pm

Sarah Jayne Booth Image


by Sarah Jayne Booth

Tuesday 12th February - Sunday 24th February
Opening Reception: Friday 15th Feburary, 7-9pm

Joe Ryan's Image


by Joe Ryan

Tuesday 26th February - Sunday 10th March
Opening Reception: Sunday 3rd March, 3-5pm

'People,Nature,Fruit & Flowers'

by Dave Flynn

Tuesday 12th March - Sunday 24th March
Opening Reception: Friday 15th March, 7-9pm
Guest of Honour: Joe Dunne, Principal of the Royal Hibernian Academy Drawing School

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'Walk in Our Shoes'

Denis Dunne
Tuesday 26th March - Sunday 7th April
Opening Reception: Tuesday 26th March 2-4pm
Closing Afternoon Tea: Sunday 7th April 2-4pm

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‘To Whom It May Concern III’

An Exhibition of Sculpture by Mary Cooke

Tuesday 9th April - Sunday 21st April
Opening Reception: Thursday 11th April 7 -9 pm

Helen O Connell's Image

An Exhibition of Sculptures by Helen O' Connell

 by Helen O Connell

Tuesday 22nd April - Sunday 5th May
Opening Reception: Thursday 25th April 7-9pm

Mide Quinlan Reddin's Image


Mide Quinlan Reddin

Tuesday 7th May - Sunday 19th May
Opening Reception: Friday 10th May 7-9pm

Pat Burnes Image

'4 Journeys'

 Group Show

Tuesday 21st May - Sunday 2nd June
Opening Reception: Friday 25th May

Catherina Hearne's Image

'Essence and Existence'

by Catherina Hearne

Tuesday 6th June - Sunday 17th June
Opening Reception: Saturday 8th June 4-6pm

Kit French's Image

Kit French Assorted Works

 by Kit French

Tuesday 18th June - Sunday 30th June
Opening Reception: Tuesday 18th June 7-9pm

SAS's Image

'The Annual SAS Exhibition'

 by Signal Arts Society

Tuesday 2nd July - Sunday 14th July
Opening Reception: To be decided

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'Sunbeam House Dargle Community Exhibition'

 Fiona O Hara

Tuesday 15th July - Sunday 28th July
Opening Reception: To be decided

signal Image

Signal Open Exhibition

 by Various Artists

Tuesday 30th July - Sunday 11th August
Opening Reception: Friday August 2nd, 7:30pm

Michael Power Image


 by Michael Power

Tuesday 13th August - Sunday 25th August
Opening Reception: Friday 16th August, 7-9pm

Martina McAteer's Image


 by Martina McAteer

Tuesday 27th August - Sunday 8th September
Opening Reception:To be decided

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 by Signal Staff Artists

Tuesday 10th September - Sunday 23th September
Opening Reception: Friday 13th September, 7–9pm

Medley Image

'Out Of Focus'

 by Ray Corcoran

Tuesday 24th September - Sunday 6th October
Opening Reception:Thursday 26th September 2013, 7-9pm

Irina Kuksova's Image

‘A Portrait of a Car’

 by Irina Kuksova

Tuesday 8th October - Sunday 20th October
Opening Reception: Sunday October 13th 2013 7-9pm

Jane Groves's Image

'Exhibition of Paintings & Ceramics'

By Noel Cleary & Michelle Fulham

Tuesday 22nd October - Sunday 3rd November
Opening Reception:Friday 25th October 7-9pm

Fergals Image

'When Classes Meet'

By St. Fergal’s

Tuesday 5th November - Sunday 17th November
Opening Reception: To be decided

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'Scratched, Scraped, Furrowed, Dugout and Gouged'

by Andrea Paul

Tuesday 18th November - Sunday 1st December
Opening Reception: Thursday 21st November 7-9pm

Donna Kiernan's Image


 by Signal Arts Centre

Tuesday 3rd December - Tuesday 24th December