One of my main concerns in my work has always been "representation" and the way the viewer brings a certain belief, concern and attitude to an image he/she looks at and thus influences the actual reality of that image.

A huge part of my work at the moment consists of drawings representation either my everyday life with my dogs & the walks with the dogs, and also drawings during my work time as a tour guide. Those drawings are responses to what I see or read and would usually reflect a quirky sense of humour. Quite often I would combine those drawings with photographs, mixed media and text.

I believe that my enjoyment of engaging with a subject matter that I love transcends into the work and produces images that can be described as humorous, funny and happy, and yet thought provoking.

Using the dogs as subject matter also brings the aspect of representation into "play", as every viewer brings a set belief to the image of DOG. The characters we read into dogs more often mirror our own personal "human" beliefs, fears and preconceptions and can therefore also be regarded as reflections of ourselves. I am currently working on a series of various portraits showing different breeds of dogs, which are looking directly at the viewer. The images are very colourful with layers and layers of paint, there is something cartoon like and odd about those images that go beyond just representations of a certain dog.

The other work I'm engaged in at the moment involves my job as a tour guide during which I bring groups of German tourist on a coach through Ireland. The work is still very much evolving and involves drawing, photography and painting. It takes on issues of travelling and being a tourist. However, it is also about memory and looking for privacy while being within a group. It is promising to be a long-term and very intriguing subject.

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