Myles Roche was born and brought up in Co. Wexford. He knew at an early age he wanted to be an artist, but unfortunately there was very little formal training available during his early years, except for two hours per week at the local tech.

He emigrated and travelled throughout Europe during which time he sketched and drew everything that took his fancy. After travelling for a few years he met his wife Sarah and settled down to live in the Thames Valley in a beautiful riverside cottage near Henley on Thames. This period of his life gave him a great and deep love of art in all forms. There was an abundance of subjects which gave him great inspiration.

Myles and his wife set up and ran very successful art weekends which proved to be very popular with many individuals and art groups in the area. Exhibiting at many venues available in Marlow and Henley on Thames, both individual and group exhibitions, gave Myles great confidence in his work in all medium.

Since returning to live in Co. Wexford Myles concentrated, though not exclusively, on water colour and seeks tuition when possible from Rita Anderson, B.A. in Gorey. Rita has inspired and instilled a great boldness in his use of colour and brush strokes which has helped him to develop a unique style of his own.

He refers to his studio as an ‘utterly cluttered haven’ filled with what he terms as ‘eclectica’. Myles refrains from doing any commission work to enjoy the complete freedom of his artistic pursuits.

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