'A Different Perspective'

Exhibitions of work by siblings Mark and Nicola Sedgwick

Mark Sedgwick


























From Mon 15th April – Sun 28th April 2019


Opening Reception: Sunday 21st April 2019 3pm – 5pm

A combined exhibition was something Mark and Nicola Sedgwick had thought about for some time. Both are creators of visual imagery - Mark with his photography, and Nicola through her paintings. They are both delighted to show their various and complementary perspectives on showcasing the world through realistic and creative interpretation.


Mark’s photography is an eclectic take on the world about us. It includes not just the strict representational aspect of the photographic journey but also further creative and additive techniques. For him, storytelling elements of the capture is paramount and photography has given him the freedom to explore artistic imagery in many different genres.


Mark has been a committed photographer for over forty years and has represented Ireland at the highest levels. He also has the honour of being Ireland’s first winner of the European Exposition of Photography. He has served as President of the Irish Photographic Federation and has long been associated with the IPF National Distinction Service, setting and progressing photographic standards at national and international level.


Nicola’s art portrays Irish landscapes in representational and abstract expressionism. She has discovered that in painting alternately in both styles, enjoyment of her work is taken to another level. In the freedom of abstraction she can show the inner essence of areas in nature, and in her realistic work she seeks to capture the rawness of landscapes with their juxtaposed colours and defining details. 


Nicola has spent many years working as an artist. She has illustrated many general and educational books, and as a painter has participated in numerous group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions. She also teaches drawing and painting in Ballsbridge College of Further Education, Dublin. The third edition of her book, You Too Can Draw, was recently published by Mentor Books, and is one of the bestsellers in Dublin’s National Gallery bookshop.

Opening Reception: Sunday 21st April 2019 3pm – 5pm

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