'Art is the Place We Meet

Exhibitions of work by the collective 'Leopardstown Park Hospital Residents'

Jim Morrison


From Monday 8th July – Sunday 21st July 2019


Opening Reception: Sunday 14th July 2019 3pm – 5pm

The work presented in this exhibition is the result of the activities of the residents’ Art Group  in Leopardstown Park Hospital. The provision of this service for residents stems from the strong belief in the power of art to connect people, to enable communication, to alleviate suffering and lessen the burden that illness brings.

Some of the artists involved in the project have never painted before, others are well experienced but for all of them to pick up the brush and step into the creative journey in health care settings was an act of courage and determination. We have been trying not to focus on the images around; but on those emanating from inside. Works in this exhibition are the images of emotions, ideas, sensations, struggles, memories transferred to the canvas, paper, bread boards and even table cloths; they are the proof of strength of human spirit and creativity.

The Art Group consists of 10 to 15 people meeting on regular basis, offering strong support to each other and giving encouragement through difficult moments. Our aim is to encourage any form of creative expression not only through painting but also writing, sculpting or music.

The Art Group is led by the Resident Services Activity Coordinator Marta Nowakowska under supervision of Residents Services Manager Paula Carraher.

Marta is a psychiatric nurse and an artist herself with a broad training in the field of using art as therapeutic intervention and component training certificate in Arts and the Community by Age and Opportunity.

Opening Reception: Sunday 14th July 2019 3pm – 5pm

All Welcome!