'Auspicious Reconstitutions II'

Exhibition of Drawings by Boz Mugabe
Boz Mugabe's image Boz Mugabe's image Boz Mugabe's image Boz Mugabe's image

From Tuesday 1st March to Sunday 13th March 2011

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this series of works by artist Boz Mugabe.

Boz Mugabe is a self taught visual artist based in Dublin City, Ireland. His work first came to prominence 20 years ago in various underground publications and he has exhibited widely throughout Ireland.

His work is a continued anthropological study, surveying human strength and tribal instinct. It investigates the human mind left to indulge in superstition, discovery, theology, persecution and survival at its own natural pace, rather than in a saturation of information, consumption and a time period where belief patterns and access to knowledge are no longer a sign of civilisation.

AUSPICIOUS RECONSTITUTIONS plays on the themes of belief and subsistence. The diversity of interactions that comprise this phase include the analysis of man in the acquisition, cultivation and consumption of fuel for life, the cycle of renewal and the lingering presence of strange transmorphing forms. Although there has been a continued universal quest for fundamental answers, the greater urgency of organic survival takes precedence on all levels.

In a former life Boz worked rapidly by candlelight on illicit and heretical codices, narrowly avoiding much deserved execution.


Opening Reception: Sunday 6th March 3-5pm