'Birds of a Feather'

An Exhibition of Art Embroideries by Cliodhna Quinlan
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Wednesday 8th June to Sunday 19th June 2011

Following five years of living and working in Mexico, and Guatemala, Bray artist Cliodhna Quinlan returns to The Signal Arts Centre, Bray, for her fourth solo show in this space. She has become known for her embroideries of high artistic quality and her work is unlike any other artist working in the field of textile art.

Quinlan sees her embroideries as paintings and so works like a painter by experiencing the working process as it goes along and allowing the materials to dictate the path. Cliodhna works in free style machine and hand embroidery using silks, satins, chiffons, satin threads and glass beads. Always seeking the beauty of the work and the image she is portraying.

This show entitled 'Birds' and there are birds of all shapes and sizes. Birds flying and sending messages to the moon, birds with the sun in their beak, and hanging birds, stitched and beaded to hang in a window or a corner. They bring luck!

In this show she has also tried to capture bird song. Feathers stitched into gold and silver fabric, small pieces, each one a different tone. Quinlan explores pure texture and colour to capture the feeling of one note hanging in clear space. The softness of the feathers contrasts with the metallic fabrics and threads and the tiny points of colour of the glass beads. The smallness of the pieces and the richness of the materials create a jewel-like quality that the eye longs to explore.

Her online gallery is at GreenBirdDreaming.com and also: facebook.com/Green Bird Dreaming. She is featured in the 2011 We'Moon diary and is also in their 30 year anthology coming out this year.

Opening Reception: Friday 10th June 7 - 9 p.m.