'In The Making'

Exhibitions of work by the collective Bray Adult Education Centre



From Monday 13th May – Sunday 27th May 2019


Opening Reception: Thursday 16th May 7pm – 9pm

The Signal Arts Centre presents “In The Making” by art students of the Bray Adult Education Centre. This collection of work has been developed and created by students discovering their personal journeys through the Arts. The artwork encapsulates a multi-facetted array of inspired themes, as diverse in nature as the artists themselves. Using Art and Design elements, the students exhibit their own individual, creative voices and interpretations of self-expression.  

The work embraces an exciting array of mixed media pieces, including painting, drawing, textile art, felt-making, textile printing, ceramic, wood, sculpture and mixed media. The use of colour, texture and surface pattern play an integral role in the individual’s use of expression.
Most of our students come from Bray and the surrounding areas. Most exhibitors are novices and have had little or no exposure to art and design. Their work embraces their courage to learn, to discover and to explore new things.

Opening Reception: Thursday 16th May 7pm – 9pm

All Welcome!