An Installation and Exhibition by Lian Callaghan

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From Wednesday 27th April to Sunday 8th May 2011

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present this exhibition by staff artist Lian Callaghan. The timing of 'Liminal' coincides with a move of home for the artist.

She says, “Liminality is a time or state of change, a place between places… I am moving location from Wicklow to Tipperary and as the time approaches I am experiencing equal amounts of anticipation and anxiety.  The work in this exhibition makes reference to the human and animal habit of shelter making, and the transience that is part of life.  The paintings accompanying the main willow structure are derived from the changing light patterns made by light falling on the walls of the house that I am leaving, which I have been observing and recording as that time approaches”.

Lian has previously worked on several large scale interactive weavings in willow and wool for a variety of arts festivals and events, and is known for her workshops in living willow.  This year she has been engaged by The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre in partnership with the Crafts Council of Ireland to facilitate children’s workshops throughout the ‘Crafted Creatures’ exhibition which took place in the Ark Children’s Cultural Centre from 15th February to 3rd April (www.ark.ie , www.ccoi.ie).  Lian recently gave a workshop in how to make a living willow chair in Airfield City Farm, Dundrum (www.airfield.ie), and has previously run three courses in living willow there which have resulted in the living willow structures that can be seen in Airfield’s grounds.  

Opening Reception: Sunday 1st May 3 p.m. 5 p.m