'Meitheal 2019

Exhibitions of work by Signal Staff Artists Past and Present



From Mon 14th Oct - Sun 27th October

Opening Reception: Thursday 17th October 7pm – 9pm


Signal Arts Centre is always delighted to exhibit our “Meitheal”; a body of work designed, crafted and created by individual staff artists, past and present, centred on a particular theme. This year our theme is “Rust & Harvest”.

In pondering this theme, take a moment to look at how you would express the “Rust” and “Harvest” of your lives, both in the physical and ethereal sense. Just as the seasons change - the beginnings of spring, the blooming of summer, the yield of autumn and the quiet dying back of winter - our own lives, in so many ways, reflect these sometimes subtle but often dramatic & dynamic changes. As sentient beings, we all have a choice as to how we either adapt to or resist these changes in our lives. We have the power within us to accept these changes and embrace them, eventually incorporating them into our lives anew, moving ever forward and creating new chapters in our lives.


RUST: Rust can be seen as decay but can also be seen as a transformative thing of beauty; after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Left to stand in wind, rain, sunshine and frost, an old Massey Ferguson tractor can be transformed into something completely different. Once a machine of necessity on a busy working farm the old tractor has been replaced by more modern technology and it now sits silently in the corner of a field changing colour with the seasons as the ethereal spirits of its past whisper around it like a gentle breeze. The textures and colours of its once robust and shining chassis have now completely altered into a completely “other” beauty; the artist of such transformation being the elements and time.


HARVEST: To harvest is to gather the fruits, to reap the rewards of growth attained throughout spring and summer and so it is with life. We reap what we sow. Reflecting on this challenges us to look deeply into what we have sown in life and what we continue to sow and how we review and deal with everything that has gone and how we anticipate what is to come.

Opening Reception: Thursday 17th October 7pm – 9pm

All Welcome!