'Människans Form'

Exhibitions of work by Nicholas B Robinson



From Monday February 4th to Sunday February 17th 2019


Opening Reception: Friday February 8th 6 - 8pm

Människans Form translates from Swedish as The Shape of Man or The Human Shape. This refers to the title of Gottfried Bammes’s anatomy book Die Gestalt des Menschen. This book is one of several 19th and 20th Century artistic anatomical texts from a variety of European Countries which I want to use as the basis for a body of work. The work is intended to be essentially a study in the anatomical form of the human body as described in these various books. The different texts each offer a different underlying view of the body and how it can be described by the artists and these differing philosophies are what I want to explore in my work.

The work itself will consist of drawings made primarily from the life model as well as drawings from the books themselves. These drawings of various sizes and degrees of finish will comprise the body of work which I hope to show. I began the study of the body in this way when I underwent atelier studies in Sweden which is why I have chosen to use a Swedish translation of this title.
My artistic work extends from the traditional concept of natural philosophy.

Nature as a whole and the things that exist in it have particular characters. The artwork that I do is chiefly concerned with studying and describing these characters, or forms, visually. I do this through observational studies in oil paint, charcoal and pencil.
The human body and people are my principal starting points from which to work, but I also use still life. Looking is my main source of gleaning information in my work and in that regard I am mainly concerned with seeing and describing form, light and the space of subjects. I supplement working visually with conceptual study of anatomy and forms also. I see myself as a student of drawing and painting at the moment and hope this study of nature to lead to increasingly complex possibilities in my artwork in the future.

Opening Reception: Friday February 8th 6 - 8pm

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