'Sky, Sea, Paint

Exhibitions of work by 'Eugene De Leastar'

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From Monday 24th June - Sun 7th July 2019


Opening Reception: Sunday 30th June 2019 3pm – 5pm

Eugene (Eoin) (Eugenio) was born in Cork and now lives and has a studio on Slievenamon in Co. Tipperary. He has a special affinity with Italy and has painted many works on Venice. His solo shows include ALCI, Loro Piceno Italy, Origin Gallery Dublin, Wexford Arts centre, Art Hive Cork, Turks & Caicos, Garter Lane, Waterford, Univeristy College Cork and The Narrow Space, Clonmel. He has participated in group shows in Bled,Slovinia; Triofiach, Austria; Peoria, Illinois, USA; Collyer-Bristow,London; Irish Arts Centre, London; Ward Nasse, New York. His work is also religious and allegorical and he has written several pamphlets on art theory including ‘Problems of Truth for the Painter. His most recent work is based on residences in Cill Rialaig and studying the sea at Lettergesh Connemara which have produced the series ‘Sky, Sea, Paint.’


“These works relate to recent stormy weather around the coasts of Waterford, Connemara and especially at the artist retreat of Cill Rialaig, in Kerry. A recent trip around the Skelligs left a lasting impression on me of the seas’ overwhelming power and cantankerous nature. I have never gone onto the island rock of Skellig Michael as I feet ill at ease approaching such a spiritual place.


But our relationship with the sea is an elemental part of our nature and evocative paintings of the sea for its own sake were a significant part of the Romantic Movement. For painters of the figure, a basic understanding of anatomy is essential, and I have begun to learn that a study of the anatomy of the wave is also vital for sea painting. I have been much influenced in this by the works of the Great American marine painter Frederick Waugh.


The Sky, Sea, Paint series relates in the main to my attempts to capture something of the movement of the sea, mostly when it is angry and sometimes when it is wistful and evocative. I like that the elemental potency of great masses of water can be remembered in the sloppy viscus nature of paint on canvas. Sometimes it works; puddles of paint can recreate the shapes of water. But only for a moment, for the sea is ever changing, dangerous, tempting, relentless.”

Opening Reception: Sunday 30th June 2019 3pm – 5pm

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