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Current Exhibition

Exhibitions 2011

'Dress Up In You' - Sarah Murphy

Exhibitions 2010

'New Year New Works' - Conleth Gent & Maeve Stafford
'The Interaction of Time, Place and Being' - Edel Bartley
'From Here to There: Reconciling Process and Truth' - Dave Flynn
'Remote Control' - Artist in the Community 2009
'3 X 3' - Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield and Sean Campbell
'Found Line' - Brian Gallagher
'Absence, Heart, Fonder' - Aoife Hand
'A Song of Parting' - Alannah Robins
'Force Fields' - Lian Callaghan
'A Collage of People' - Aoife Fitzgerald
'Echoes' - Tony Gunning
'Glow' - Carole Cullen
'The Art of Fashion' - Bebhínn Flood
'10th Annual Exhibition' - Signal Arts Society
'The Fifth Woman' - Nuala O'Sullivan
'The Astronomer's Garden' - Eoin O'Connor
'Stories That Were Never Told' - Sonia Haccius
'Met With Elsewhere' - Kathryn Ryan, Jonathon Curran and Laura Butler
'Through the Looking Glass' - Róisín Verdon
'Unusual House Guests' - Charmain Fitzgerald
'Art Sale Extravaganza' - Signal Arts Centre Fundraiser
Social Inclusion Week
'Within the Realm of Feelings' - Derek Fitzpatrick
'A Gregarious Congregation' - Greg Murray
'The Pointless Pursuit of Shadows' - M. Hall, T. Hanna, J. Deans, J. Spain, O. Barry & S. Quigley
'BARA Art Group Exhibition' - Bray Active Retirement Association

Exhibitions 2009

'Do I Know You?' - Aoife Feeney
'Don't Feed the Bears' - Gerry Lee
'The Sketchbook' - Bartosz Kolata
'Stories Shared' - Artists In The Community 2008
'The Palimpsest of Home' - Angela Anderson
'Faoi Bláth' - Jane Talbot
'Light Shadows' - Rachel Randall
'Genesis II' - Síofra Artists Group
'Who's Yer Paddy?' - Francisco De Borja
'Yes, But What's INSIDE It?' - Maura Ryan
'Home Sweet Home' - Piia Rossi
'Colourful out of our Imagination' - Rehab Care
'Strands of Memory' - Beverly Ranger
'9th Annual Exhibition' - Signal Arts Society
'Figures & Landscapes' - Maria O'Brien
'Shades Of Introspection' - Christophe Calleja
'Soft Day, Thank God' - Leah Beggs
'If This is a Man' - Thomas Delohery
'1+1= one' - Sarah Morshead
'Stillness and Movement in the Field of Endless Possibilities' -
Linde Fidorra

'The Water Line' - Louise Newman
'0.1' - Joanne Boyle
'Delicate' - Denis Dunne
'Meitheal' - Signal Arts Centre

Exhibitions 2008

'Scaffart' - Eimear Nic Caba
'Artist in the Community 2007' - Julie Merriman
'Something Physical' - Suzanne Mooney
'Delicate Thoughts and Abstractions' - Enagh Farrell
'Sea, Sky and the Square Mile' - Mary Duffy
'Installation' - Augustine O Donoghue
'I'm Crying and Everything' - Seamus McCormack
'Ancient Dreams' - Cathy Doyle
'Between Line and Form' - Sarah Morshead
'Prasad' - Susan Montgomery
'Palimpsest 2' - Ken Browne
'Spirit 2' - Yvonne Robinson
'In Between' - Caroline Loughnane & Una Kavanagh
'8th Annual Exhibition' - Signal Arts Society
'Bullswool' - Louise Manifold
'Out There' - Eric Doggett
'Presents' - Jan de Groot
'Transitions' - Fiona O'Connor
'A Year in Bray' - Raymond Osborn
'Topophilia' - Pat Burnes
'Present Past' - Hilary Orpen
'Oil Paintings' - Women's Albert Art Group
'Healing the Inner Child' - Kary Mullally
'Landscapes' - Derek Fitzpatrick
'Re-Collected Impressions' - Marianne Cullen

Exhibitions 2007

'Meeting Europe' - Anno Henke, Patrizio Donati, Roberto Lacentra & Stefano Tamburrini
'Artist in the Community - Stolen Time' - Emer O'Boyle
'Horizon' - Barry Foley & Emma Sweeney
'First Hand Emotion' - Katarzyna Gajewska
'The Slow Worm Patiently Circling' - Brian Hannigan
'Melting Pot' - New Dawn Training Centre & Festina Lente Foundation
'New Beginnings' - Alan Boyle
'All That Shines' - Robin Read
'Pastoral' - Sheila Kavanagh
'Collaborators 2' - Douglas Ross
'Stories from Beyond a Dream' - Cliodhna Quinlan
'Unrecognisable Landscapes' - Peter Cabocky
'World Without End' - Barbara O'Meara
'Signal Arts Society Exhibition' - SAS Members
'Impressions' - Rory O'Connell
'Scene Unscene' - Kieran Dalton
'Vasalisa' - Joanne Boyle
'Diverse Cultures' - Emma Doyle
'My World Is...' - Helen Pullen
'Recent Work' - Damian Byrne
'We Seek With Words to Find a Resting Place' - Biddy Scott
'Two Minds, One Voice' - Alan Boyle & Grainne Watts
'In the Dream Time' - Jean Doyle
'Feelin' Good' - St. John of God Carmona Services
'Veiled Colour Flow' - Donna Jacob

Exhibitions 2006

'Stick People with Huge Haircuts are Top Heavy and Fall Over' - Derek Cummins
'Midnight Automatic' - Marianne Shorten
'Artist in the Community 2005' - Little Bray Family Resource Centre & Artist Valerie Tucker
'Performance' - Stephen McKee
'Challenging Perceptions' - Sarah Varian
'Shades of Enigma' - Sunbeam House Services & Festina Lente Foundation
'Vital Illusions' - Rhoda Cunningham
'As The Shadows' - James O'Dowd
'Manifestation' - Paul McCann
'I Don't Think So' - Sarah Maher
'Contemporary Productions' - Emma Coyle
'Wicklow 400 People and Places' - Bray Camera Club
'Collared Love' - Ilona Madden
'5th Annual Signal Arts Society Exhibition' - SAS Members
'Perspective' - Feargus Cooney
'All in a Moment' - Kary Mullally
'The Lustre of Gold' - Robin Read
'Sea Change' - Annika Berglund
'Tree, Sea and Landscape' - Aideen Griffin
'Obsession' - Pat Burnes
'This Doesn't Explain Anything' - Barry Kehoe
'An Exhibition of Recent Works' - Noel Cleary
'An Exhibition of New Paintings' - Elaine Reidy
'Bursting Forth with Ten Fists of Flame' - Cóilín Rush
'GAIA Mother of Life' - Frankie Gallagher & Cabrini Lynch
'Meitheal' - Signal Arts Centre

Exhibitions 2005

'Dumbfounding' - James Kenny
'No Fighting in the War Room' - Alan Mongey
'Labels and Beyond' - Ann Kennedy
'Tribulations' - Liam Fitzpatrick
'Seen and Unseen' - Brigitte McGovern
'All Things Bright and Beautiful' - Bray Active Retirement Association
'Exhibition' - Bray Camera Club
'The Nature of Memory' - Fiona Fullam
'The Received Authority' - Marie Casey
'Bows Down To Wood' - Conleth Gent
'Twenty Two Moments in Time' - Peader O'Donoghue
'Chiaroscuro' - Conall McCabe
'4th Annual Signal Arts Society Exhibition' - SAS Members
'Seasons' - Cathy Doyle
'Visual Impressions Photography' - Deirdre Maher Ridgway
'Shapes and Movement' - Celia Robertson
'An Exhibition of Paintings' - Fionnuala O'Toole
'Emotion Recollected in Tranquillity' - Zora Byrne
'Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder' - Alan Boyle
'Candy Floss' - Michelle Fullam
'Paintings from Behind Closed Doors/Reflections' - Bebe Cullen-Walshe/Jane Bowe
'Collective' - Dargle Community Base
'Aratoi' - Kate Minnock
'Series of Stitched Drawings' - Bernie Leahy
'Meitheal' - Signal Arts Centre

Exhibitions 2004

'Exploration' - Sunbeam House Services
'Inside Out' - Nicki Cheevers
'Installation' - Caoimhe Kilfeather
'Maritime Mementoes' - Gina McKenna-Burns
'Workshop Constructions' - Sean Lynch
'Group Exhibition' - St. Thomas Community School
'Moments' - Brigitte McGovern
'Hasten Slowly' - Festina Lente Foundation
'Group Show' - 'Pin'
'Quotidian Rinse' - Pollie Venn
'Design for Plate' - Ronan Smith
'War on Art' - Damien Flood
'Plastic Candy' - Marianne Keating
'4th Annual Signal Arts Society Exhibition' - SAS
'Seaweed' - Fiona Lynch
'Stiff' - Paul Cronly
'Your Boyfriends' - Bennie Reilly
'New Works' - Alison Tobin
'New Works of Progress' - Annabel König and Barbara Dempsey
'The Littlest Star' - Cliodhna Quinlan
'Amalgam' - Reiltin Murphy
'Solace' - David Gribben & Julie-Anne Ring
'Deserts' - Feargus Cooney
'Cradle in her' - Clare Stevens
'The Weave' - Jacinta O'Reilly
'Meitheal' - Signal Arts Centre

Exhibitions 2003

Exhibitions 2002

'We Will Walk in Fields of Gold' - Fiona Flynn
'Mini-Beasts' - Stephen Delaney
'Visual Echoes' - Solas Art
'The Natural and the Social' - Dochas Learning Centre
'The Sweet Starlet' - Sheila McCarron
'Dualities' - Nora Maycock
'Metamorphosis' - Fíona Ní Chíobháin
'Art-tract' - Dagmar Drabnet & Eileen Wagner
'Thicker than Water' - Bernie Laherty
'A Different Light' - Douglas Ross
'As the Crow Flies' - Cliodhna Quinlan
'Annual Exhibition' - Signal Arts Society
'Passages' - Dominique van den Broeck
'Auto Decay' - Conor Caffrey
'Ceann Looey' - Karl Somers and Paul Maguire
'Lucky Charms' - Susanne Leutenegger
'A Matter of Total Indifference' - Thomas Delohery
'control + shift escape' - Lee Welch
'The Three Elements' - Alan Doyle, J. Collins & A.N. Other
'I See You Now' - N.T.D.I.
'Dreams and Visions' - John McDaid
'As na dTonnta... Reaching dry land' - Cáit Doyle
'Créafog' - Elaine McFarland
'Inside Out' - Teresa Crowley

Exhibitions 2001

'New Works' - Maxi Lyons
'Journeys and Explorations' - Cathy Addis
'Fruit of the Earth' - Yanny Petters
'Group Exhibition' - Red Dot
'Recent Abstracts and Landscapes' - Guy Hanscomb
'No Prisoners' - Douglas Ross
'On the Shoulders of Giants' - Jim Mullins
'The End of the Beginning' - Matthew Cave
'Perspective' - Robert Hudson
'East' - Harry Vince Coulter
'Artlink Student Exhibition' - Artlink
'Framed and Exposed' - Bray Camera Club
'A Place Apart' - Biddy Scott, Mary Brady & Beatrice Stewart
'Landscape and Memory' - Linda Shevlin
'Prehistory' - Eamonn Logue
'Exhibition' - Daria Chapkovskaya
'Light Works' - Jackie Aherne and Detta Riney
'After Rouault' - Myriam Sweeney
'Signal Group Exhibition' - Signal Staff, Past and Present
'Colour Fields' - Gerard Cox
'Remains of Grace' - Peggy Sue Amison
'Colour and Form' - Peter Farrell
'No Fixed Abode' - Group, local artists
'East Coast - Bray to Balbriggan' - Marie Fallon
'We Will Walk in Fields of Gold' - Fiona Flynn

Exhibitions 2000

Exhibition Information

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