Exhibitions 2019

Transgender Greystones

'Evolution Revolution'


Exhibition by Transgender Group Greystones

Monday 7th January - Sunday 20st January 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 13th January 2019 3pm to 5pm

Michael Ross

'Protest and Riot'


Exhibition by Michael Ross

Monday 21st January – Sunday 3rd February 2019
Opening Reception:
Friday January 25th 7pm to 9pm


Nicolas B Robison

'Mδnniskans Form'


Exhibition by Nicholas B Robinson

Mon 4th February – Sun 17th February 2019
Opening Reception: Friday 8th February 7pm to 9pm


Anne Marie Webb

'Mapping the Semi – Gods'


Exhibition by Anne Marie Webb

Mon 18th February – Sun 3rd March 2019
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd February 7pm – 9pm




Anne McLeod

'Casting Light, Casting Shadow'


Exhibition by Ann McLeod

Mon 4th March – Sun 17th March 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 10th March 2019 3 - 5pm




Exhibition of works by Rehab care Resource Centre and Stillorgan College of Further Education


Tue 19th March – Sun 31st March 2019

Opening Reception: Thurs 21st February 2019 7pm – 9pm


Signal Arts Society

'Signal Arts Society'


Exhibition by Signal Arts Society

Monday 1st April – Sunday 14th April 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 7th April 2019 3pm – 5pm


Nicola and Mark Sedgwick

'A Different Perspective'


Exhibition by Nicola & Mark Sedgwick

Mon 15th April – Sun 28th April 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 21st April 2019 3pm – 5pm




'Look at the World'


Exhibition of works by Italian Photographic Collection


Mon 29th April – Sun 12th May 2019

Opening Reception: Friday 3th May 2019 7pm – 9pm




Bray Adult Education Centre


'In the Making'


Exhibition of works by Bray Adult Education Centre

Monday 13th May – Sunday 27th May 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday 16th May 2019

Greystones Art Group




Exhibition of Works by Greystones Art Group

Mon 28th May – Sun 9th June 2019
Opening Reception: Fri 31st May 2019 7 - 9pm

Jim Morrison


'Teallach Jim Morrison 1954 – 2017: A Retrospective'


Exhibition of works by Jim Morrison

Monday 10th June – Sunday 23rd June 2019
Opening Reception: Friday 14th June 2019 7pm – 9pm


coming soon

'Sky, Sea, Paint'


Exhibition by the Eugene De Leastar

Mon 24th June – Sun 7th July 2019
Opening Reception: Sun 30th June 2019 3pm – 5pm





Leopardstown Park Hospital Residents


'Art is the Place we Meet'


Exibition by Leopardstown Park Hospital Residents

Monday 8th July – Sunday 21st July 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 14th July 2019 3pm – 5pm


Mary Conroy


'Mary Conroy'


Exhibition by Mary Conroy

Monday 22nd July – Sunday 4th August 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday 25th July 2019 7pm – 9pm


Signal Open


'Signal Open'


Open Exhibition for Signal

Tuesday 6th August – Sunday 18th August 2019
Opening Reception: Friday 9th August


Marja Van Kampen

'The Colours of Wonder and Innocence'

Exhibition by Marja Van Kampen

Mon 19th August – Sun 1st September 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd August 2019 7pm – 9pm


open image

'The Art of Us'

Exhibition by Carmona Services & Sunbeam House Services

Monday 2nd September – Sunday 15th September 2019


Opening Reception: Sun 8th September 3pm – 5pm


Conleth Gent

'Wood Land Walk'

Exhibition by Conleth Gent

Monday 16th September – Sunday 29th September 2019

Opening Reception: Friday 20th September 7pm – 9pm

Yvonne Leon

'Silent Stories: Figurative Ceramics'

Exhibition by Yvonne Leon

Mon 30th September – Sun 13th October 2019
Opening Reception: Friday 4th October 2019 7pm – 9pm





The Annual Meitheal Exhibition

Monday 14th October – Sunday 27th October 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday 17th Oct 7-9pm

~Michelle Fullam

'Michelle Fullam'

Exhibition of works by Michelle Fullam

Tuesday 29th October – Sunday 10th November 2019
Opening Reception: T.B.C

Fiona Maciupa

'My Heart is an Ocean'

Exhibition by Fiona Chan

Mon 11th November – Sun 24th November 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday 17th November 2019 3pm – 5pm



Bray Arts Circle

'The Way we Art'

Exhibition by Bray Arts Circle

Mon 25th November – Sun 8th December 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday 28th November 2019 7pm – 9pm


'Xmas Fair'

Signal Arts Centre

Monday 9th December – Tuesday 24th December 2019