Exhibitions 2012

Conall Group

'The Painter’s Palette Group Show'

Exhibition of works by Conall McCabe Group

Monday 4th January - Sunday 17th January 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 8th January 3 - 5 pm



'Inside And Out'

Exhibition of works by Sunbeam & Carmona Groups

Monday 18th January - Sunday 31st January 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 24th January 3 - 5 pm




Exhibition of works by Mark Lawlor

Monday 1st February - Sunday 14th February 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 7th February 3 - 5 pm




Exhibition of works by Lorraine Cross

Monday 15th February - Sunday 28th February 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 20th Feburary 7 - 9 pm

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Exhibition by Melissa O'Faherty


Monday 29th February - Sunday 13th March 2016

Opening Reception: Friday 4th March 7 - 9 pm


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Exhibition by Tony Clarke

Monday 14th March – Sunday 28th March 2016
Closing Reception: Sunday 27th March 3 - 5 pm


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'Springs Eternal'

Exhibition by Anthony Weyer Brown

From Tuesday 29th March - Sunday 3rd April 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 1st April March 7 - 9 pm

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'Memoirs Of A Wasteland Balladeer'

Exhibition of works by John Cooney


Monday 4th April - Sunday 10th April 2016

Opening Reception: Friday 8th April 7 - 9 pm


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'The Threads That Bind Us'

Exhibition of works by Bray Crafters

Monday 11th April – Sunday 24th April 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 17th April, 3 - 5 pm

coming soon


'Expressions Of Life'

Purple House

Monday 25th April – Sunday 8th May 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday 28th April 7 - 9 pm

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'Bray Primary Schools Exhibition'

Exhibition curated by Greg Murray

Monday 9th May – Sunday 22nd May 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 15th May 3 - 5 pm


coming soon

'SAS 16th Annual Exhibition'

Exhibition by
Signal Arts Society

From Monday 23rd May - Sunday 5th June 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 29th May 3 - 5 pm


coming soon



Installation by Mark Lawlor

Tuesday 7th June - Sunday 19th June 2016
Opening Reception:Fri 10th June 7 - 9 pm



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'Interventions from Landscape'

Exhibition by Frank McGrath and Martin McCormack

Mon 20th June – Sunday 3rd July 2016
Opening Reception: Fri 24th June 7 - 9 pm




'Toytown Bray'

by Aoife Hester

Monday 4th July – Sunday 17th July 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th July 7 - 9 pm


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Staff Artists

Monday 18th July – Sunday 31st July 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd July 7 - 9 pm


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'Signal OPEN'

Open Exhibition

Tuesday 2nd August – Sunday 14 August 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 5th August 7 - 9 pm



''The Sunflower And The Lion''

Exhibition by Filia Clowne & Greg Murray

Monday 15th August – Sunday 28th August 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 21st Aug 2 - 4 pm


coming soon


Exhibition by Louise Newman & Brigitte McGovern

Monday 29th August – Sunday 11th September 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st September 7 - 9 pm

coming soon

'Three Ravens And Other Dreams'

Exhibition by Vιronique Castellanos

Monday 12th September – Sunday 25th September 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 23rd September 7 - 9 pm

coming soon

'Fractured Connections'

Exhibition by Anne Curran

Monday 26th September – Sunday 9th October 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 30th September 7 - 9 pm



Exhibition by Tony Clarke and Guests

Monday 10th October – Sunday 23rd October 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 16th October 3 - 5 pm

coming soon


Exhibition by Michael O'Hara

Monday 24th October – Sunday 6th November 2016
Opening Reception: Friday 28th October 7 - 9 pm


'The Secret Garden of Harmonia'

Exhibition by Rayleen Clancy

Monday 7th November – Sunday 20th November 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 13th November 3 - 5 pm

coming soon


Exhibition by Biddy Scott

Monday 21st November – Sunday 4th December 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday 27th November 3 - 5 pm


'Xmas Fair'

Signal Arts Centre

Monday 5th December – Saturday 24th December 2016