About Us

Signal Arts Centre is a cultural organisation which seeks to support working visual artists and to promote full recognition of the value of their works. Our values are: fostering creativity; inclusivity; and approachability.


Signal is home to many staff
artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. We host many workshops and classes, and ad hoc groups such as Signal Sketchers, as well as exhibitions every two weeks.


We also host many culture and art events throughout the year.
Including a musical Jam Night, artist talks, as well as major cultural occasion, such as St. Patrick's Day, and Culture Night.


Signal facilitates weekly art and craft classes for community groups such as Sunbeam House Bray, Saint John of God Carmona Services, and Rehab Care Bray.

Our story

Signal Arts Centre was set up in July 1990 to address the lack of a focal point for the visual arts in Bray and North Wicklow generally and at the same time create a practical facility where artists could both develop their own work and make the arts readily accessible to the local community as a resource. Signal, in common with other arts organisations, is registered with the CRO as a not-for-profit limited company having a voluntary board of directors who are charged with the responsibility for the centre’s development. The long-term aim is to establish a permanent centre of excellence for the visual arts in North Wicklow that will act as a facility both for local artists and arts bodies as well as the general community.

Signal Arts Centre has made a significant impact in Bray, not only in the arts and educational fields but also as an addition to the town’s basic tourism infrastructure. Signal first opened to the public in 1990 and since that time has embedded itself firmly into the cultural and social fabric of the community. The centre has provided an irreplaceable resource for artists and the general public alike and continues to upgrade and develop its arts programme each year.

Over the years we have seen many sister arts organisations, locally and nationally, disappear due to lack of proper structure, lack of finance, or simply because those responsible for them moved on or ran out of energy. The fact that Signal is still going strong is a testament to the people who over the years have supported the centre. Since our establishment, we have employed several hundred artists, giving them the opportunity to renew or perfect their skills, or learn new ones; avail of specialist training and gain valuable experience when working as part of the centre’s outreach programme. Our arts staff have come from all arts and crafts disciplines: sculpture, dance, music, design, graphics, painting, photography, multimedia, ceramics, community arts, poetry, etc. Many former staff retain close links with the centre through participation in events using the centre’s faculties or through membership of the Signal Arts Society. The fact that Signal operates as a “working artists” facility is central to the ethos of the Centre and both the quality of our artists and the projects they undertake have been widely recognised.