Gallery Space

The Gallery space is available for artists who submit successful applications for their exhibitions. Submissions applications are open once a year in March. 

Artist Studio

Our Artist studio is available in 10 weeks blocks. For a cost of 250 euro. Let us know if you wish to find out more information or are interested in being added to the waiting list. 
Studio is always in demand and booked in advance so it’s advisable to contact us by email or phone to check availability. 


Workshop Space

Signal’s workshop room is also available to rent for classes or meetings.

Ceramics Room

The Ceramics room and firing of the Kiln are also available. Please inquire with us for more information.

Kiln Inner Measurements: 45cm (17½ inches) x 45cm (17½ inches) width x 43cm (17 inches) deep. Approx. 90 litres capacity. Temperature: Maximum temperature is 1070 degrees Celsius. Number of shelves: 5

Suitable materials for firing: (The kiln is suitable for firing Earthenware clays)- Terracotta (Red Smooth) clay, Buff (School) clay, Low Temperature White clay. Stoneware clay can be bisque fired, but cannot be glaze fired.


Our Darkroom is available to hire, any help or advice is offered by our staff artist Andrew. Chemicals and materials are not supplied for film processing and printing.