Signal Arts Society


Signal Arts Membership costs 40 euro per year. As well as the chance to support Signal Arts Centre, we also offer some fantastic benefits listed below. 

Annual Exhibition

Possible inclusion in the Annual Signal Arts Society Members Exhibition. (Subject to selection)

Deadline for application is Friday 8th March 2024 at 5pm. You can download an application form from the link below.


Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter delivered to you.

Reduced Commission on Sales of Work

Reduced Commission on Sales of Work in the Signal Arts Centre from 25% to 15%.



Please Note: A current Signal Arts Society Membership Card must be shown to avail of discounts.

10% Discount on the purchase of art works in the Signal Arts Centre.

10% Discount on the price of classes run by the Signal Arts Centre.

10% Discount when hiring facilities in the Signal Arts Centre, including the Kiln and the Dark Room.

10% Discount on purchases made in Craft Framing, Bray.

12% Discount on purchases made in Michael Doherty’s School Supplies, Bray.

10% Discount on the activities of Tango Classes with Lucia & Gerry (exceptions may apply)

Input into Newsletter

Opportunity to have a piece published in the newsletter relating to your work (Subject to selection).

Click image below to view a published Newsletter.

Web Presence

Opportunity to have page on the Signal Arts Centre Website with a selection of your work and links to social media and website.


The Signal Arts Society is open to everyone with an interest in the arts. There are many benefits to joining the society, one of the main advantages as an artist is contact with other artists. As any artist knows it can be a very solitary profession. Another benefit is the possibility of being included in the annual Society art exhibition in Signal Arts Centre. Signal Arts Society members also enjoy a reduced rate on many courses run by Signal, such as life drawing. Members also get reduced rates on darkroom and kiln use.

And there is more – members pay less commission to Signal Arts Centre on artworks bought and sold in the Centre – this is subject to full current annual membership. Members also receive a quarterly newsletter keeping them in touch with what is happening in the arts community and this is a great vehicle for members to advertise their upcoming shows or include articles about their work. There is a standing invite to all Signal exhibition openings, also your work and artists statement will be included on our website.

For more information you can email us at

Signal Arts Society Sub-Committee

Yvonne Petitt
Jean Ryan
Myra Jago
Conor Rafferty
Eleanor Phillips

Great Artist Talks & Events

Throughout the year will have meet and greets, and artists talk and other artistic events. It’s a great chance to mix with other artists and make new connections. 

Artistic Community

Signal has been a part of the artistic community in Bray since 1990. The Signal Arts Society offers members a chance to get together with other artists or non-artists to share and contribute to an artistic community, across all platforms and mediums.