Iseult McCormack

Iseult McCormack is an abstract artist from Bray. She has a HND in Fine Art and is currently studying visual arts practise in NCAD on a part time basis.She has works in private collections both nationally and internationally. She has taken part in many group shows and has just finished a very successful first solo exhibition here in Signal Arts centre. In her expressive creations, she communicates complex emotions and abstract concepts, challenging the boundaries of conventional language. Her visual language invites the viewer to embark on a contemplative journey through the intricate layers of her work.

At the core of Iseults artistic philosophy is a dedication to experimentation and play. Her creative process thrives on pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic norms, allowing her intuition to guide the formation of evocative compositions. The result is a body of work that resonates with authenticity and a profound connection to the subconscious.Her artistic journey has been an exploration of the self and an intimate connection with the world around her.She has delved into numerous mediums and traversed many creative paths over the years all leading her here translating her innermost visions onto canvas, inviting viewers into the ethereal landscapes of her dreams. McCormack taps into her deep well of inner knowing, capturing the essence of emotions and memories, and translating them into vivid and evocative artworks.