Photography is for everyone. Photographs serve as a chronicle of our lives. Through our photographs we share so much about who we are: what we find beautiful, fascinating, funny, delicious, important, inspiring. They tell the story we don’t always speak and they are a legacy we leave behind, offering a way to share our stories with generations to come.

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Bray Camera Club. We have a lot to celebrate. Through thick and thin and without interruption since our foundation in 1971, the club has provided a forum for our members to learn from and support one another. Together, we have improved our photographic skills and helped each other to give wings to our artistic potential. Our formula has stood the test of time and we have never missed a beat for any reason: especially not because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the social restrictions have only served to strengthen us as a club.

The restrictions may have put paid to our in-person, weekly meetings in the Mermaid Arts Centre for the moment. But technology has enabled us to continue our activities online with the usual camaraderie and engagement. We are still creating beautiful images with everything from pinhole cameras, compact cameras and mobile phones to high-end digital SLRs and image processing software. Our members have used them all.

At our online weekly meetings, we review our images and those of invited guests in an easy-going, friendly atmosphere. We tutor each other willingly, we engage in lively, inclusive debate and we hope that you will enjoy this representative collection of our work.

Perhaps this exhibition will whet your appetite to join our club to explore and express your own photographic interest with ever-welcoming, like-minded friends and neighbours. For further information about us or about joining Bray Camera Club, please contact us at

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