Bettina Norton | Borrowed Fragments

“Boundless Fragments,” is a captivating art exhibition that delves into the profound impact of changing climates on our coastline, showcasing seascapes that reflect the increasing fragmentation of our landscape. Through compelling artworks, Bettina Norton conveys the evolving nature of our shores under mounting environmental pressures. Climate pressures have brought a change in our weather patterns and an increase in violent storm activity, as well as rises in sea levels which are having a dramatic impact on our coastal habitats. “Boundless Fragments” offers a poignant exploration of the delicate balance between nature and human influence, inviting audiences to contemplate the evolving beauty and vulnerability of our coastlines. “Boundless Fragments” is an immersive visual experience that sparks dialogue and reflection on the future of our landscape.

Bettina is a self-taught artist originally from Kildare but now living and working in South Kilkenny. Since graduating from Trinity College, Dublin with a Master’s Degree in art history she initially worked in antique dealing abroad in London and The Middle East before returning to Ireland in the late 90’s. Since 2012 she has been gradually growing her art practice and is now represented by several galleries around the country. Working in both oil and other mixed media her method is intuitive and expressive. Drawing inspiration from our coastal landscape with expressive paintings that bring an immediate and immersive experience of the power of the ocean.

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13 - 26 May 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Signal Arts Centre
1a Albert Ave, Bray, Co. Wicklow


Signal Arts Centre
01 276 2039
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