Philip Murphy | Instinct and Feel

Monday 10th to Sunday 23rd June 2024

Philip Murphy’s Exhibition “Instinct and Feel – Mark Making” includes both landscape and figurative pieces to allow the viewers the time to consider and experience their own instinctive reactions to the world around them – both people and places.

The figurative images express his mystification about how disparate instruments and players can come together – the interaction between the musicians and then out to the audience – the space between which the music happens – notes, chords, instruments, sounds, beats, rhythms, harmonies and melody – as it makes us dance, cry, enjoy and understand – the audience and the integral role they play in the musical experience and expression.

As an artist, Philip is mainly interested in mark making, at times to the point of abstraction, by many means and mediums – from brush to graphite, palette knife, fingertips and even balls of sheep’s wool – working with oils but also loving working with graphite and charcoal. In his work he tries to express his feeling that we exist not solely in the physical form but also beyond what eyesight sees – what we instinctively know and feel, should we take the time to pay attention to and recognise that.

The artist takes his inspiration from Bridia and other valleys on the Iveragh peninsula in Kerry – it’s mountains, field patterns, colours, and light. He primarily explores how we make our marks on land – big and small – and how we use it but also that these marks are temporary and transitory as we move through the generations making a living off it while still dwarfed by it. The mark-making of one creation reflective of the other marks made…

Opening Reception: Friday 14th June, 7pm to 9pm

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10 Jun 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Signal Arts Centre
1a Albert Ave, Bray, Co. Wicklow


Signal Arts Centre
01 276 2039

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