Culture Night 2015

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Culture Night 2015

Beginning at 10.00am the Signal Arts Staff congregated and began the preparation for our much planned and anticipated Culture Night event ‘Scarecrow Invasion’. Over a quick slice of the infamous Kelly’s apple tart and a cup of tea, we made our final decisions for the display of our wonderfully diverse band of scarecrows. The invasion began with a number of scarecrows taking their posts along Albert Walk, beginning at the top of the lane near the DART station, Red Beard, Fidel Gastro and Pumpkin Head stood, followed by a few scarecrow children having a picnic together. Meanwhile the majestic collection of colourful scarecrows grew at the bottom of the lane, including the Bride and Groom, the Lion, and a range of multisensory scarecrows, to name but a few.

The flower bed across from the Signal Arts Centre was also taking shape, with the Paratrooper scarecrow landing in the tree for the evening and the Butterflycrow resting on the branches for all to gaze upon. Marilyn and Beanz decided to place themselves outside the doors of Signal and the Tin-man stood further down the footpath watching from afar. Once the television was switched on Granny, Grandad and Schoolgirl scarecrow were glued to the screen, throwing popcorn and becoming a little unruly in general. Only a few paces away a few bales of straw were pulled out, for an impromptu cup of tea which seemed to go on all day.

Then the never-tiring and love-filled scarecrow WALL-E was moved into positon mid-way along Albert Walk and our Older & Bolder scarecrow took to her soapbox wearing her very daring Mohican. Prelude Arts Centre created the marvellous Emerald City featuring the unfortunate Wicked Witch and the friendly Tin-man. At this stage 3pm was fast approaching and it was time to put the finishing touches to our work. The illustrated postcards with a range of poems and messages written by the community of Tinahely Arts Group, were hung up and our life size painted scarecrow contingents were pasted-up to bring the exhibition into its full glory. We were ready to open our doors. Culture Night 2015 commenced with a mini scarecrow building workshop and face-painting for all.

As the pile of scarecrows grew bigger with every passing minute, the dog show and children’s fancy dress contest was taken very seriously. As the afternoon waned and the evening set in, the bucket was brought up from the back and the ultimate Bucket Singing Contest took place. There were many serious contenders but the best bucket singer was won by an Australian classic ‘Waltzing Matilda’. As the mics, amps and speakers were plugged in and the musicians began to arrive, there was a flurry of music and entertainment up and down Albert Walk and Albert Avenue, with a steady stream of onlookers eager to be amused and ready to participate. Our evening of music started with Tony Clarke and The Jingobox Band as they took to the stage with Emme Nicolai, followed by Calmstate and Retrofix bringing our evening’s entertainment to a glorious end. Culture Night 2015 was extremely successful. It would not have been possible without all the hard work and commitment by all involved and the wonderful support and input of our community at large. What a great reason to create and to celebrate the arts.