What I Like To Draw

What I Want to Draw was an exhibition showcasing the talents of four local primary and secondary schools. The idea for this exhibition was created by Greg Murray and Michelle Murphy of BSCP. Over a period of four weeks, Greg taught art classes at these schools, discovering their interests and talents.

The beauty of this exhibition, is that the children had complete control over what it was they chose to draw. This allowed them the freedom and expression to discover what it was that they are interested in. It was a fantastic insight into the youth of today and what is currently holding their attention.

 One of the loveliest parts of this exhibition, was having the children themselves come in to see their pieces. I can only imagine how much good it did their confidence and self-esteem to see their own work up in the walls of the gallery. Many parents came in, with grannies and grandads. It was heart warming to see the pride in their faces as they gazed upon the talent on the wall.