Signal is launching a national call-out to all artists, makers and creative people to Save Our Signal and keep all who use her centre safe & warm. We are asking you to donate small work(s) which will be sold at €50 per piece. As with similar such sales the buyer will not know who created the work until they have bought it, meaning that each piece will be bought out of love for the work and love for Signal.

To take part the work should be:

  • 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in)
  • On a strong card-like surface that won’t flop.
  • Any medium on a 2D surface – painting, drawing, printing, photography, embroidery, sculpture, textile, wood, ceramics, leather, glass, prose, poetry, etc.
  • Work should be unframed.
  • Your details on the back of the work: Artist Name, Title of work, Medium. Your contact details if desired.

Deliver/Post work to Signal Arts Centre by January 19th 2024. 

For further information contact :

All works will be featured across our social media channels and on our website, so the sooner you submit the work the sooner we can share the love…..

Public Exhibition of all works takes place on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday 14th February  2024


As many of you who have been in Signal and used its facilities know, our building is not the most modern. It is a very cold building which is a potential health risk to many in our community. It has no double glazing or insulation and costs a fortune to heat.

Most people only know us through our fortnightly Exhibitions but behind the Gallery is a very busy visual arts space. The Back of House includes 2 general workshop rooms, a ceramics workspace, artist’s studio, IT room, a small office, storage for artworks and an outdoor performance/workspace. These workspaces are accessed by a variety of individuals and community groups, including professional and emerging artists, youth, and disability groups.

In addition, individual artists and creatives use the Centre to run their own classes and workshops and include fortnightly Musician jam sessions, Poetry and writing evenings, Film nights and occasional performance art events.

Over 17 artists and art workers work in the building facilitating workshops, invigilating the exhibitions, providing administrative support, working on a variety of projects around North Wicklow and ensuring that the centre is safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

The studio is accessed by four artists a year and supports offered to member and non-member artists include providing individual advice on grant writing, CV development and mentoring.

All this is done in the cold!

And sometimes the wet (the roof occasionally leaks…)

Here’s a little flavour of what happens in Signal beyond its Exhibitions:

  • Weekly Classical Drawing Classes.
  • Weekly Life Drawing Workshops
  • Weekly Ceramics Workshops x 4
  • Kiln Firings & Assistance for professional artists and youth services.
  • Signal Sunday Sketchers
  • Weekly Papillion Art Group Meet & Workshop.
  • Open Studio x 2 days per week for residents and users of Carmona Services, Rehab Care, Sunbeam and more.